Online bidding powers – activate!

The Great Fundraising Act

Today is the day! Between the hours of 8am EST [before I’m even up] until various closing times between 4pm EST and 11pm EST, you can bid on an array of different items, ranging from baked goods to travel packages to stuff for your face or for your home. It’s pretty amazing all that has been donated for the benefit of Susan and her medical bills.

Click HERE for the auction details!

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your Flickr account to a Pro account or even if you need to extend your current account, the “item” I’ve donated is two years of Flickr Pro. Check it out HERE if interested. I’ve been using Flickr for quite some time now and love it, so that’s why I decided to make that my contribution.

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  • so wonderful to see everyone banding together to do this! love this! love this!