Photos: Before and After Jaw Surgery

I’m doing it. I’m posting a before and after jaw surgery photo.
The before photo was taken in the pre-op area. I was obviously goofing off with the free time between changing into the gown and getting hooked up onto the anesthesia. Poor RV was holding his eyelids open since it was so early in the morning.

The after photo was taken after the bandage holding the ice pack to my face was removed from my head. I don’t actually look too bad [which is why I’m feeling okay about posting the photo].

It’s not easy to compare the two because in one I’m smiling. I will have to wait until the bands are removed for the smiling photos!

I subsequently ballooned up in the face and was left with bunch of bruises of many different colors. I think there’s still some yellow fading from the neck area. My skin was stretched so taut that it was all shiny. It was not attractive at all. Since then, I’ve lost the puffy face. I’m now willing to go out in public.

The only parts that I’m self-conscious about are eating and talking in public. All I can do is slurp liquids, and that’s not exactly very polite. Plus, if there are any particles in the soups that don’t fit through the gaps in my teeth, I can’t really eat anything until I’ve cleaned up that mess. And talking in public? Still a bunch of muffled mumbling that is understandable to most if they just listen close enough.

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  • Andrew

    Are their any tips I’m about to have my surgery today I’m nervous!!!

    • :-) you won’t even know it all happened since they’ll put you under for the whole thing. make sure to get enough nutrients during the recovery period.

  • xiiaobibii

    im glad its working out for u too, and u look really pretty. i wish i can get this surgery too