PopSugar Must Have Box – February 2013

PopSugar Must Have Box - February 2013February’s Must Have box arrived even before I received notification of its shipment, so it was a surprise! As always, a good surprise. I went home sick on Friday, so today was all about catching up. I’ve been loading up on Vitamin C, so I don’t have to take any more PTO!

This box definitely was more Valentine’s themed, which I thought was a nice touch, even if I’m not a huge fan of every item in the box.

Must Have – February 2013

Must Have Fashion * Brokedown Wrap * Hanky Pankys
Must Have Beauty * Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
Must Have Food * Marie-Belle New York’s Tresor Box
Must Have Entertainment * Safe Haven Book and Song Download

Extras * Conversation Hearts

One of my favorite items from the Popsugar Must Have boxes thus far has been the Brokedown scarf (from the September box), so seeing another Brokedown item in this month’s box was a nice surprise. The soft plush wrap holds together with velcro, so I won’t have to worry about properly tucking in my towel!

In terms of the part of the box I am looking forward to this month, I will definitely be eating all of the chocolates in the Marie-Belle New York Tresor Box while curled up on a chair with the Nicholas Sparks book. It’s coming out as a movie later this week, so I at least have to find out if I want to watch it or not.

I hope that the Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleaner will last awhile because I don’t currently have jewelry to be cleaned, but who knows? I might acquire some gold, platinum or other gemstones that’ll need that extra shine later. Take note: It is not for use on pearls!

Any items in this box that stand out to you?

PopSugar Must Have Box - February 2013

PopSugar is an online lifestyle brand targeting women between the ages of 18 and 39. The Must Have box curated by its editors really struck a chord with me. If you’re interested in giving the MUST HAVE box a try, sign up here. Use code REFERFRIENDS for $5 off your first order (new subscriptions only)!

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  • Ooh I have jewelry that needs cleaning

  • Actually does it clean silver?

    • Gotta do some research on their site to find out… It might not.

  • So fun to get surprises in the mail!

    • YUP! Love snail mail ~ these boxes might be the only thing keeping the USPS in business, hahaha.

  • Hope you are feeling better! and Hanky Panky is THE BEST! They are comfortable and cute. ANything else just doesn’t compare. if only they were cheaper though…

    • Thankfully I get over being sick really quickly. *knock on wood* :-) I keep hearing great things about Hanky Panky, but I’m gifting those since I’m not a fan of thongs. LOL.

    • OK just kidding. Keeping them as they are not just FLOSS. HAHA. :P

  • Those little chocolate nibs are AMAZING and I want all of them in my face forever and ever.

    • I could probably eat them in one sitting… Not saying I did ~ just saying I could…

  • Your post about the September box with the Brokedown scarf is the one that convinced me to start getting the Must-Have Box! I must say, I felt pretty neutral about this month’s, as I have about the last two or three now, but I keep hoping a September-level box is coming soon! The Brokedown wrap is too small for me, & I imagine the undies will be, too. I haven’t tried the jewelry cleaner yet but was in desperate need of some, so that was a welcome arrival, & I’m planning to give the book a try. My first from Nicholas Sparks.

    • I have the opposite prob with the wrap, so there’s not enough velcro to go all the way around. The undies are supposedly one size, but it really depends on the manufacturer. I keep hearing good things about the brand of underwear though. Yeah, this box was OKAY. The one with the scarf was really good, so it’s unfortunate. A friend has recommended the Fab boxes also, but I think they are more quirky than useful too.

      • I call bullshit on any item of clothing that claims to be “one size fits all.” People are different sizes; underwear should fit them.