PopSugar Must Have Box – March 2013

Eating all the Peeps from the March’s Must Have box seemed like such a good idea at the time…

PopSugar Must Have Box - March 2013

Must Have – March 2013

Must Have Fashion * Heather Belle Tassel Necklace * Hollywood Fashion Secrets Sweater Saver
Must Have Beauty * Buxom Sculpted Lash Mascara * The New Black Nail Polish
Must Have Home * The Laundress Specialty Washes * Corkatoo Corkscrew

Extras * Marshmallow Peeps * Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape Assortment Pack

Looks like they’re considering the cold weather trend we have been having!

PopSugar Must Have Box  -March 2013Hollywood Fashion Secrets Sweater Saver removes pills from sweaters, coats and blankets without damaging them. I need more sweaters if I am going to have all these new products to take care of them with.

I’ve heard of The Laundress before (mostly good things), so I am looking forward to trying the Wool and Cashmere Shampoo in my box. I’ve got a pile of pants somewhere that I’m saving for dry cleaning that I could probably just hand wash with this!

The Corkatoo Corkscrew is cute, but we have plenty. We’ll probably gift it or save it for a rainy day when we can’t locate any of the other corkscrews we have in the house.

I’m stoked that there’s a 50% discount for Hollywood Fashion Secrets in the box as well. Gotta stock up on those nipple petals, perfect for wearing those tops and dresses that do not allow for wearing a bra!

Any items in this box that stand out to you?

PopSugar Must Have Box - March 2013

PopSugar is an online lifestyle brand targeting women between the ages of 18 and 39. The Must Have box curated by its editors really struck a chord with me. If you’re interested in giving the MUST HAVE box a try, sign up here. Use code REFERFRIENDS for $5 off your first order (new subscriptions only)!

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  • Anonymous

    If you don’t mind, can you let me know how you end up liking the shampoo? :)

  • jennifervergin

    I am super excited about the corkatoo. But the shampoo? I don’t hand wash. Anything. I am sure I can find someone who does though!

    • Considering how I keep adding to the pile of dry cleaning rather than actually taking it to the dry cleaners, I think it’ll be easier for me to hand wash and get it over with since I won’t have to leave the house. :p You can also use the machine, it says. However, for best results, I’ll hand wash.

  • Kathy Sampaga

    I just received mine this afternoon. Happy with everything except the nail polish. Will give that to my husband’s co-worker who works in the cosmetic department at his store.

    • I’m not terribly fond of the colors I received, but a friend of mine got some that she didn’t want. They were more my style, so she’s giving me hers! Unfortunately we can’t include a preference for colors when we’re buying these boxes.

  • Not crazy in love with this box, but don’t hate it enough to cancel. Sad I got the grossest polish colors. Personally, I’m furious that the Buxom lip gloss coupon at Sephora requires a $25 purchase while on the card it says “any purchase” and PopSugar’s going to hear from me about that. Not nice.

    • Yeah, that’s very misleading if it was supposedly “any purchase.” Let me know if you hear from them about that?

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  • Definitely not my favorite box. The sweather saver looks nifty and the peeps were delicious and I might use the mascara, but I didn’t love the other things as much. I’m hoping the mascara is amazing & that I actually end up using the Laundress “Delicate Wash” that I got.

    • I keep hearing great things about the mascara, but unfortunately I don’t wear mascara often/at all.

  • Eric F.

    This looks nice. Thanks for the future gift idea. I’m sure my wife will be happy.

  • I loved the necklace in this one, & I’m excited to try the Buxom mascara. My box came with denim wash real than wool/cashmere, which is good because I own lots of the former & almost none of the latter. Unfortunately, I think this will be the last MustHave box I get, as I’m trying to save for a trip to Spain & am trying to trim down expenses. I’ll be putting the $37/month into my savings account to try to make it worth it!

    • A trip to Spain!? Exciting! Definitely understand the whole saving part. I signed up for these up front for a year, so I have to working on cutting down different expenses instead.

  • Tara

    The parrot wine opener that I was sent was blue! I signed up via your posts by the way :)