Pre-Orthodontic Treatment

An update on the 101 in 1001:

020 – Document jaw surgery. Before and after.
My orthodontist is pretty high tech. “Before” photos are accessible upon logging into their online system. Why I didn’t bother to look before this is beyond me, but I suppose it’s less traumatic.

The photos are not pretty. These are definitely unflattering. Class III Severe Malocclusion – Woo!

The underbite is rather severe.

I haven’t taken updated photos at the orthodontist, but basically all the teeth are straightened out now. A few teeth were removed. There’s no more overlapping of the teeth in the front.

The braces don’t fix the fact that my lower jaw is a lot larger than my upper jaw, so I still have an underbite. Jaw surgery will fix that. Can’t wait.

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