Random Birthday Quote

me: I’m turning 20-lame!

Matthew: I’m glad I got over that and made it into 30-meh.

I keep joking that I’ve turned 20-lame. The real reason for being out of the loop is that I’m studying for another failed exam *hangs head in shame* and also wanting to save $$. I recently paid off my car – just decided to lump sum it, so I wouldn’t have to keep track of it. It’s #72 on the list.

072 – Finish making payments on the Prius.

Following along the theme of turning 20-lame, this year’s birthday was a mellow one. I woke up, went to work, ate dinner at home with the parents, played a few games on the Wii, and then grabbed Asian desserts with RV and the sister. No happy hours, no late night drinks. And unlike last year, no ditching work to explore the city. The bigger celebration I had in mind took place a few weeks ago when I thought I’d be getting my jaw broken, but as it turns out, that didn’t really happen.

A small brunch this Sunday has been deemed the celebration. On Tuesday, I walked into work and found a gift bag on my desk. For a moment, I wondered if my coworkers had somehow found out it was my birthday. Of course, I looked around, and there were gift bags on other desks also. One of my coworkers recently came back from a New England trip, and she brought back maple syrup from Vermont for everyone. So we’re having French toast this Sunday!

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