Ready to break my jaw.

Finally, my surgery date is set!

I wasn’t entirely sure until I finished up my pre-op appointment and got through the phone consultation on Wednesday. Prior to the phone consultation, I was constantly worrying about whether or not the hospital would call the right phone number. They had both my home and cell phone on file, but for some reason, they were calling the home number to confirm the appointment. I had an appointment at the clinic on the same day, so there was no way I’d get home in time for a phone call. For a few weeks, I followed up with the clinic and the folks in Prepare to make sure the right number was on file. Even after having the final surgery date set after the run-arounds in October and November, I wasn’t 100% sure. The scheduler kept changing, so I didn’t even know WHO to talk to when I called in. Ugh.

So imagine my relief when everything was set on Wednesday. Just so glad this part is over – the administrative part!

I have a few straggling appointments to tend to this week – orthodontist and dentist. A week and a half later, I’ll be rolling into surgery. After a little research online for what to expect post-op, I have a feeling that I won’t be sociable for at least the first week. I’ll look hideous with balloon lips and a lot of bruising. I’ll be drooling all over the place because I won’t be able to control my face below my eyes. My metabolism will reverse because my body will start eating away at itself since we probably weren’t made for a liquid diet.

So basically, I’ll be miserable.

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  • I see 2 good things about this
    1. You’ll finally be getting the surgery you need!!!
    2. I’ll look hideous with balloon lips
    You’ll have Angelina Jolie lips for a week or two.

    • Angelina’s lips should stay on Angelina… :p I just wasn’t made for it. :-p

  • Anonymous

    The finish line is in sight! Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    good luck!!! cant wait to see the final results! it will be totally worth the swelling in the end…

  • I lost a *lot* of weight after I got my wisdom teeth pulled out (all of them…). Was doing the liquid diet thing for almost two weeks.

    • I hope I don’t have to stay on liquids only for more than two weeks… :/

  • Wishing you the best of luck. We’re all nearby if you need anything!

    • Thank yous! :)