Reflecting on 2012 (Part Two)

Continuing from the first half of reflecting on 2012…

In July, we headed up to Portland for the World Domination Summit. Like my experience in New York about four months prior, life altering. I’m glad Ryan was also in attendance because it was great having someone around to bounce ideas off of once the weekend was up. There was also good eating and drinking in Portland because that’s what we do. A few weekends later, we headed out to Yosemite with his coworkers, but aside from that, the rest of July was spent volunteering or catching up with friends around town.

August began with a trip to New York for BlogHer. Outside of conference activities, we caught up with friends, watched circus acts over dinner, and learned all about picklebacks. The seester and I signed up for a 3-month Best Buy Women’s Networking program that ended up being a lot of work. My role on the Board began… We like to balance the craziness with relaxing weekends, so we jumped at the chance to hang out with Cassie and Kevin in the South Bay whom we met at TBEX months earlier.

Reflecting in 2012: September Reflecting in 2012: September

September, like many of the other months in 2012, began with travel. I visited Austin over Labor Day weekend. Linda was so kind to let me stay with her all weekend long. She introduced me to good queso, and even though we waited in a long line on a hot day, Ramen Tatsu-Ya was worth writing home about. The following weekend was a quick trip to the “Happiest Place on Earth” – Disneyland!

Reflecting in 2012: OctoberOctober – my birthday month! Thanks to the generosity of my friends, I raised over 140% of my charity:water goal. Ryan and I took a trip down to Big Sur and Carmel for my birthday weekend, but that wasn’t all the travel I did for the month. A week earlier, I was in Charlotte learning all about NASCAR through the Toyota Women’s Influencer Network. It was SO COOL. There were also a few weekends of wine tasting too. Aside from being one year wiser, there’s not too much to complain about!

Reflecting in 2012: NovemberNovember was the first month in a while that I didn’t fly somewhere. Early in the month, Ryan and I drove down to the Central Coast of California for Outstanding in the Field, and it was quite the experience. We still think it’s crazy that we randomly got to sit next to the farmer at the 150+ person table! After Thanksgiving festivities, we hosted an unofficial Crabsgiving dinner to celebrate the seester’s birthday. We tried to take things easy the rest of the month with the holidays approaching.

We took it easy in December – relatively speaking. There were holiday parties and dinners, but it was a month that I felt more grounded. My calendar was full, but not terribly cluttered. I had to say “no” to a lot of things, but it was much needed. In December, I took care of other personal business – had my teeth cleaned and my epidermoid cyst removed. While I spent Christmas with my family instead of joining Ryan at his, the last few days of the month were spent up in Mendocino and Sonoma together, exploring a different wine country.

Reflecting on 2012: December

*PHEW* That was a lot. Wishing everyone a fantastic start to the new year!

Happy New Year

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  • Maddy

    Wow! I wish to have your travel itinerary in the new year :) Seems like you went to tons of great places and you came to New York twice? We have to meet up next time you are in town :)

    • Yeah, two trips to New York after a five year hiatus! I hope the next time I am there won’t be after such a long waiting period. :-)

  • you are the boss at traveling

    • LOL, thanks. I couldn’t do it without lovely people to stay with though! :P

  • Yay for lots of great trips. And I LOVE the dog in the New Years hat! It’s perfect!

    • She looks less than thrilled, but she’s a good sport. We can usually get away with putting silly hats and things on her. :-)

  • Wow, what an exciting year! Here’s to another! PS–I looked up pickleback (that’s my kind of shot!)

    • surprisingly very good. :-) and it might be the only way to get me to drink a shot of whiskey like that.

  • I don’t know how you’re going to top this year, but I’m sure you will.

    • Sure hope so. Equivalent would be great too.

  • WOW, Suki! What a year you’ve had! You’ve inspired me to travel more and eat more good food!

    • I hope to hear about your adventures in 2013! :D

  • B.

    Man, you are one busy girl! I can’t wait to see what 2013 holds for you!

    • So far, watching movies on Netflix… like Clueless. ;-)

  • So busy, lady! Also, that dog of yours in that hat is stupid cute. I want to snuggle-smush her face.