Running for Chocolate and Champagne + Brunching with Bloggers

See Jane Run 2012Sunday was eventful, and it started early. The sister and I had signed up to run a 5K in the hopes of stuffing our faces with chocolate and champagne afterward. Champagne flowed freely, but when it came to the chocolate, there were the few measly pieces that came in the champagne glass and then chocolate only in the form of protein bar samples. Bah, you can’t call it a run for chocolate and champagne if it’s mostly champagne and hardly any chocolate!

Neither of us trains for the races that we sign up for. We sign up thinking that we might, and then race day comes, and the reality sinks in. Nope, no practice runs beforehand! We still noticed slight improvements from our previous races – I made it beyond the one-mile marker without walking, and I wasn’t just shuffling the entire 5K.

Even though I took a few walking breaks and slowed down towards the end of the race due to the sister’s dry heaving [probably from the fishy scent of the bay], I improved by approximately 45 seconds. Imagine what I could do if I actually trained!

See Jane Run 2012

Jumping at the starting line with Treavor and the sister at See Jane Run Alameda!

After the morning run, it was time for brunch with Katherine, Lauren and San at Hudson in Oakland. The spot was selected based on reviews and location. We were already in the East Bay for the run, so I wanted to make sure it was at least close to public transportation for those coming from other parts of the Bay Area. It’s a quick walk to Rockridge BART!

Blogger Brunch Blogger Brunch

The general consensus was that the potatoes were fantastic. If it doesn’t come with your meal, order a side of spuds! I was, at first, skeptical of the bacon that didn’t seem to be crispy, but it’s house-cured and delicious. You can taste the difference. Most plates were cleaned off, and it was a relaxing spot to gather, grab a bite and chat. The folks at Hudson were kind enough to split our bills up, which is always helpful when everyone is paying for their own meal.

Blogger Brunch Blogger Brunch

Good food, great company and a lovely day in the Bay Area – can’t really go wrong. Just look at our happy smiling faces!

Blogger Brunch

Hudson on Urbanspoon

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  • Sid

    Paying for our meal in the US was always such a trial. The fact that tax isn’t included, made it so much more difficult for us to figure out how much we needed to tip our waiter.

    • The tax rate is a little over 8% here in CA, so it’s easy in the sense that we usually just double it for tax, adding a bit more if service was great. In large group settings, usually gratuity is already added on for you, so you don’t have to do the extra math unless you want to tip more generously than the 18% that I normally see for parties over six.

      Since tax rates are different everywhere, it sometimes takes a second to calculate the right amount without the doubling trick.

  • you guys are such rock stars, woo! and love the big brunch group afterwards, so many lovely people in one place, wee!

  • I’m so bummed I missed this. Please keep me posted about future brunches!

    • of course i will! :)

  • caryn

    I LOVE the group photo!! You guys are all so adorable! too much goodness in one place! xo

  • Love it! The food looks amazing and seeing all of you and your smiling faces makes me so jealous! Some day I’ll make it out that way and when I do we better have a fabulous brunch like this! :)

    • Yes, visit soon, so you can brunch with us!