Russian River Wine Road Barrel Tasting 2010

Early Sunday, we drove up to Sonoma for a day of the Russian River Wine Road Barrel Tasting. For $20, we each got a glass [Ryan got a mug for being DD], a bracelet, and basically tastings at each of the wineries we visited + food if they were serving bites. It was a great time, and I’m thoroughly impressed by the wineries and how “at home” they really make you feel. While I like drinking wine, I don’t really know all that much in terms of the process or the differences between geography/grapes and everything else that makes a wine unique, so I was expecting to feel intimidated, but there was really none of that. Everyone was out to have a good time!

Keane and I took a bunch of pictures [I think Keane might have taken more. Most photos I have of him are with a camera in front of his face.], so I decided to compile some in a video. It was my first time doing this, so it took quite some time, but I think it turned out quite nice. With a little practice, I’ll streamline the process and not stay up till 2:30am working on it. It was also my first upload to Vimeo – let me know what you think!

The purpose of the event is so that people can sample from the barrel and then buy futures. I did just that, and while my wallet is hurting, I don’t regret it at all. We visited wineries in the Dry Creek Valley – Fritz Underground Winery, Dutcher Crossing Winery, David Coffaro Estate Vineyard, Sbragia Family Vineyards, and Michel-Schlumberger Wine Estate. They weren’t too far from each other, so more time was spent at the wineries tasting than in the car transporting. We were pretty lucky with the weather too, considering it’s been fairly unpredictable lately. It’s somewhat schizophrenic, raining for fifteen minutes in an entire day or just suddenly hailing out of the blue.

I’m very excited about the wines that I bought. Surprisingly, a zinfandel included – I normally am not a fan. Picking up the wines purchased at the barrel tasting are really an excuse to drive up to Sonoma again. In fact, I’m already eying an event in November that pairs wine and food at select wineries for $40/day or $60/weekend. You get a cookbook along with your ticket! I can only imagine this being more fun when my job is stable, and I’m no longer spending every cent on major appliances!

Photos of Russian River Wine Road Barrel Tasting 2010 have been uploaded: here!

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