Sasha meets Sergio – Introducing a Cat and Dog

For those of you who have been following my videos for the last week or so, you’ll know that Ryan and I recently adopted a dog. We had been looking casually over the past few months, and when we saw Sasha’s listing and met her, we fell in love immediately. We met her on a Tuesday, and the house visit was scheduled for Sunday. That felt like the longest 4.5 days of my life. Ryan who has always been more of a cat person fell in love with her too.

Her name is Sasha, and she is a seven year old German Shepherd mix. We believe the other half is Australian Kelpie because she sure is a jumper. She’d jump over a dog gate without a blink of an eye. Though she seems to look small in photos, she’s 60 pounds of love.

Our main concern for bringing home Sasha was Sergio. Introducing a cat and dog is something new for us, and we would only adopt a dog if they got along. Sergio has lived with us since we moved in, and so he’s really the master of the house. In our past experiences with bringing dogs by, he’s been fine as long as they don’t chase him, so we wanted to cat test Sasha. As it turns out, she pays little to no attention to him, which is FANTASTIC for us.

The first evening, Sergio stayed in a separate room. We brought him out a few times to get him used to Sasha’s presence. By the time we were ready to go to sleep, he was okay with sitting on the couch while she was on the floor on the other side of the room several feet away. At night, they slept in separate rooms.

The second evening, Sergio was comfortable enough for this to happen.

He’s the little black shadow on the left of the photo, while Sasha is pretty much passed out on the floor next to Ryan. He is realizing that she’s not going to make any surprise attacks on him. The last dog we fostered would pounce at the sight of him, so I think he has plenty of reason to be a bit paranoid.

Sergio is a super human-friendly cat. All he wants to do is get rubbed and brushed, so we knew that once he felt safe around Sasha, he’d come out of hiding. He can’t really help himself!

We just didn’t think it would happen so fast!

Ryan and I can’t help feeling lucky. This couldn’t have worked out any better, and we honestly feel that we’ve found the perfect cat-dog situation for us.

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  • I love German Shepherds! You have a Keane-approved dog!

    • Yay! Come play with the dog. :)

  • Congratulations on the addition to the family.

  • Aww.  Congrats Sasha and Sergio for showing us how easy it is to just get along. 

    • :) We’re hoping that it’ll only go uphill from here. We sorta have to coax him out still, but we’re getting there. 

  • Awww, Sasha is a pretty girl. I’m sure she is very happy to have a good home now. Glad to hear things are working out with her and Sergio. I want to get another dog but fear mine wouldn’t handle it too well (he is very possive of me)

    PS-Love the names Sasha and Sergio, they sound like a star crossed lovers from a soap opera :)

    • They DO sound like star-crossed soap opera lovers! Hah!

  • Never thought Sergio would get that close on the second day!

    • :D I know, best animals EVER.

  • Cuteness! Sasha sounds like a beautiful and loveable dog. =) I’m glad Sasha and Sergio (love the alliteration!) are cohabiting pleasantly with each other.

    • She came with that name. :) Since it was hers for seven years, we decided not to rename her. We are pretty surprised at how quickly he came around.

  • SO CUTE. I have two hands, you have two pets, therefore I am capable of giving two belly rubs.

  • That dog face is so cute! She’s beautiful! 

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