Sunday Swig #10 – At the Flying Saucer

Saturday Swig - Flying SaucerThis week’s Saturday Swig is a Sunday Swig!

I am in Austin for the weekend, and I’m surviving the heat by taking beer breaks whenever possible. Since Linda is as into food as I am, I know I’m in good hands and won’t be going hungry anytime this weekend. So far so good!

Even though it was probably about 100 degrees outside this afternoon, we took advantage of the patio area at Flying Saucer. Linda brought Bob, and Ashley brought Louis! We found a shaded spot to enjoy some bites and drinks with the pups.

Saturday Swig - Flying Saucer Saturday Swig - Flying Saucer

I can only wait in so many long lines, and Austin seems to have plenty of them. One such line – Franklin Barbeque. We woke up too late this morning, so that’ll have to wait until my next visit. I did make up for it with the beer I ordered at Flying Saucer – Thirsty Planet’s Franklin (BBQ) Smoked Porter!

Saturday Swig - Flying Saucer

Such a smokey and delicious beer. My first thought was that it smelled like how your hair smells after spending an afternoon at the grill or an evening in front of the campfire. In my hair and sweatshirt, the smell can be a pain in the ass. In my beer, however, I have no complaints!

If only I’d had the real BBQ to pair it with… I followed up the first beer with Petrus Aged Pale Ale, which was absolutely delightful. It was as sour as I like my sour beers!

I ordered a Hungry Farmer plate – a selection of cheeses and meats to enjoy with beer. It was supposed to be an afternoon snack, but it ended up filling me up, and I didn’t have much room for dinner.

Saturday Swig - Flying Saucer

On my plate from left to right in the photo: Blue Marble [semi-soft Jack with blue veins], Smoked Salmon [house-smoked], Finocchiona [dry-aged with fennel].

Overall, a great way to relax for a few hours in the afternoon. Of course, leave it to Bob to keep things exciting. He stepped in gum, and we spent some time working it out of his paws. Well, Linda did all the dirty work. We just advised! Poor Bob!

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  • peterdewolf

    It’s Louis!

    • It is! He’s so small and cute. :-)

  • Pecan porter! That sounds interesting :)

    • I tried the Pecan Porter at a different place. I didn’t really taste the pecans, but it might have been because I’d just consumed a giant grape slushie right before walking in the door. :-p MUST REVISIT.

  • I love that top photo of Bob. :)

  • katelin

    This just looks like such a fun Sunday out & so tasty!

  • thinker

    mmm the smoked salmon looks excellent. Beer and food = great way to spend a weekend!

  • Mmmm…BBQ smelling beer? LOVE IT!