020 – Document jaw surgery. Before and after.

Hi guys! I haven’t updated very much about the whole jaw/braces situation in awhile. Mainly, it was because there wasn’t anything new to report other than braces being adjusted month after month. Fast forward to a few weeks ago at my orthodontist appointment, the orthodontist hit me with some good news: the braces are coming off next month!

It’s time to update the timeline.

Over four years since my first orthodontist appointment [longer than many of my current relationships], I will finally be free. I have a feeling that after so long, my teeth are absolutely grody. I’m going to have to whiten them and all that fun stuff, but it will be worth it.

Before surgery, I would do everything I could to avoid smiling for photos. I would make faces, eat stuff, etc. because I wanted to draw attention away from the deformity. This photo is from October 2008.


As a habit, I still make faces in photos, but here I am – April 2011, over a year after surgery and just a month away from being free of braces. I know I’ll be wearing a retainer for a very long time, but at least I’ll be smiling.

Red Door Cafe

Happy Friday to all!

PS – last chance: Spring photo book giveaway ends tonight!

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  • prettttty smile :) happy friday. and food looks delicious.

    • thanks, Linda!

  • Retainers are totally worth all the work you went through. Trust me!

    • :) I’ll finally catch up to you. No braces starting May 2011!

  • Alphaelmo8
    • Love that song. I was also listening to the other Smile song that they did on Glee in the first season. :p

  • You look so happy when we can see you smile. :)

  • Congratulations!!!! And wear your retainer – I lost mine at 19 and now probably have to get braces again :( Hello Invisalign!

    • Thanks, I’ll try my best not to lose the darned thing. :/ Invisalign has worked for a lot of people, from what I’ve heard. Worth doing if you have $$ for it. :)

  • Everydayfoodie

    Nice smile!!! Yes, wear your retainer … I have heard of nothing but trouble for those who don’t!

    • I hear those stories too. :) People who regret losing their retainers from way back when. It still irks me that I’ll probably have to wear a retainer FOREVER. We’ll see what the orthodontist says!

  • How exciting! What I remember from getting my braces off is that my teeth felt slimy.

    • Yeah, that’s what I’ve been told. The teeth will feel slimy for about a week, and then I’ll get used to it. :P I guess it’s better than feeling as if the inside of my mouth is being cut apart by the metal of the braces.

  • What exciting news! Man, four years is such a long time to have braces. You must be so stoked to not only get them taken off, but to have perfect teeth. Yay!

  • You have a beautiful smile! I had braces for two years and I hated it; not just the way they looked but how painful they were. I lost my retainer after about a month after having them taken off, though – so they have gone back a little bit, but nowhere near what they were. You must be so happy – keep smiling! :)

  • Congrats! I admit to not wearing my retainer as much as I should have in those first non-braces years (though I got mine off in 8th grade), and then completely stopped wearing them somewhere in high school. There’s a small gap in my teeth that is returning, and I’m honestly considering looking into getting a new retainer to correct it (I don’t think my old one fits anymore). I don’t think our Dental covers orthodontia though…