Eat Portland : Sok Sab Bai – Portland’s Cambodian Truck

This is Sok Sab Bai, Portland’s first and only Cambodian food truck. Isn’t it beautiful?

Sok Sab Bai

Even before seeing the menu, I was taken back by how delightful the truck appeared. The window on the left is the pickup window, but since it was raining and there weren’t many people waiting, we chitchatted with Nyno [one of the owners] under the awning at the front of the food truck where we placed our order.

The menu is up on a computer screen and always changing. That’s the beauty of a food truck, isn’t it? I ordered the lemongrass beef skewers rice plate, and Ryan ordered the Cambodian sandwich.

Sok Sab Bai

Lemongrass Beef Skewers Plate – SO so tasty! It comes over a bed of rice and a papaya side salad. I ate every last bite. My only complaint is that the skewer on which the meat was prepared on hadn’t been soaked beforehand, so I ended up eating not only my meal, but also parts of the skewer.

Sok Sab Bai - Lemongrass Beef Skewers

Cambodian Sandwich – pork belly in a roll with pickled veggies, similar to a Vietnamese sandwich with softer bread and better meats. Ryan could not resist ordering the pork belly, and this sandwich did not disappoint. Tender belly with flavorful veggies definitely worked together in this sandwich!

Sok Sab Bai - Cambodian Sandwich

Other items on the lunch menu that day – Ribeye Steak Bites Plate, Chicken Wing Plate, Tofu Skewer Plate.

Sok Sab Bai Sok Sab Bai

Glad we got a chance to check this truck out. From what Nyno [pictured above] has said, the truck is just a few weeks old. He thought that a food truck would be a great way to share Cambodian food with Portland, and I couldn’t agree more! There may be other food trucks coming to this location, and they have a covered seating area planned too! SO exciting.

From what I’ve tasted, Cambodian cuisine is a cross between Thai and Vietnamese flavors, both of which I love! Sok Sab Bai is definitely worth checking out. Go to their Facebook page for updates.

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  • i love cambodian food! my favorite when i was there was this really popular dish of fish steamed in leaves… I forget what it’s called :(

    • Amok trey? :) I think that’s also a very common dish in Burmese cuisine too. They have it at Angkor Borei in Bernal Heights! 

  • That may be the prettiest food truck I’ve seen. I think I might have to check that one out someday. When I’m in Portland perhaps lol

    • You’re not that far away from Portland! :) Let me know if you do check it out!

  • Banh Mi’s!!

  • Oh yum – that really is the most beautiful food truck I’ve eve seen!

  • Jolene (Everydayfoodie)

    Gaaaah, I want to go to Portland SO bad!!!