Still recovering…

Being on a liquid diet means I’m trying to make up for the quality of the meals with the quantity of the meals. I am constantly thinking about what I will be drinking next. There isn’t really all that much else going on. I’m just trying to stay warm, healthy, and healing.

Jen sent me these recovery friends. They’re super cute, but I seriously wish they’d start talking to me. I feel like I’ve got cabin fever, even though I’m technically not cooped up inside all day long. I’m out and about, but I’m only exposed to my family, RV, and a few random strangers who I’m not even able to communicate with.

It’s a Thursday night. Normally, I’d be out with friends. I miss them. :(

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  • Melanie

    Miss you too! Are you accepting visitors? :-)

  • you have awesome friends there with you!

  • Poor girl. Hope you get better. Your friends are sweet.

    B* a la Moda

  • Miss you too! But glad to hear that you’re healing well.

  • I came to your blog because I wanted to hugz you but I don’t see you so *hugz*


  • Linda M

    Hmmm… I may have to learn sign language before my surgery, so I can hang out at the nearby school for the deaf. I’m hanging on your every blog word, keep ’em coming.