Sunday Snaps – Pets and Honey

It was a wet morning, so here’s Sasha wondering why we aren’t going outside for a walk.

Instead I took her out to the backyard. I’ve worked on clearing out the weeds before, but even a little bit of rain brings it all back. I have a lot of work ahead of me if we are going to install the graywater system.

As usual, Sergio hid in a corner, keeping his eye on the dog. They’re not getting along as well as we had hoped, but at least I can leave them in the house alone and know that they’ll both be fine.

I took Marie’s housewarming/tea party today as an opportunity to use the Honey Ridge Farms honey cremes I received as part of their “Spread the Love” campaign. In addition to bringing the cremes to pair with scones, I also baked bread with the spiced honey creme [a blend of pure creamed honey, cinnamon and spices] for the little get-together.

It stopped raining in the afternoon, so I took Sasha out to romp around in puddles. Taking her out on walks definitely takes up a lot of our time on the weekends, but that’s okay!

Since Ryan loves bread, I made another loaf of the spiced honey creme bread with slightly different proportions of flour and honey creme. After airport pick-up and dinner, he came home to this beauty.

The honey creme added a nice subtle sweetness to the bread. It was a little dense, so I will have to experiment more with the bread maker.

Disclosure: While Honey Ridge Farms sent me free product as part of their “Taste the Love” campaign, I was not compensated for this post. All honey-loving opinions are my own.

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  • LOL. For a second, as the page was loading, I debated with myself as to whether “honey” was a reference to actual honey or a specific person.

    Also, that bread looks amazing.

    • My new camera makes the bread glow! Not sure if it is amazing in taste though. ;) I mean, it’s good, but the consistency is a little tough. 

      • The photos are really nice! The quality is amazing.

        • Thanks! It’s the same camera as the one Jennie and Adam just bought.

  • That bread really does look great. 

    • :) Must keep experimenting to make it taste as good as it looks!

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  • ewiley

    The bread sounds delicious.  Do you bake it in the bread maker?  I generally make the dough then bake it in the oven.

    • I used the bread maker. I’m impatient when it comes to baking. I have been experimenting with the 1-hour setting vs. the 3-hour setting, and the one hour doesn’t seem to be making much of a difference. 

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