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January 2011 Reflection

I caught myself leaving this comment the other day on Terra’s January reflection: I don’t usually take the time to reflect for fear that I might realize that I’m not doing enough or wanted to do more.

In 2011, I want to face that fear. I may be my biggest critic, but I can also be my biggest cheerleader/fan. I just need to rewire my thinking!

January was…

Eating in. Experimenting with Belgian endives. Coffee tasting. Inviting friends over for dinner. Friends making dinner. Zumba for the first time. A baby shower. Food Fete. Registering for BiSC. Giving away three photo books. A long road trip through beautiful NorCal and along Oregon’s southern coast. Eating fresh crab on the docks. First time in a dune buggy. Getting stuck five minutes into our dune buggy ride, but figuring out how to get “unstuck.”

And guess what? In February, I’m still eating in!

trout, quinoa, salad

Tonight, we had miso-glazed trout, quinoa, and a salad. Super quick/easy to make because I had to get out of the house in the evening! The quinoa took the longest, but while it was in the cooker, the fish and salad were prepared. Miso glaze on the fish – miso, brown sugar, soy sauce, water! This thin filet only took five minutes in the broiler at 525 degrees.

Mellow Weekend

Chinese New Year is a few weeks away. In preparation, we dedicated our Sunday to cleaning and organizing the house. If you walked into the house today, you wouldn’t even believe this. The place is STILL a mess! It is, however, an improvement from last week!

I also spent the weekend tackling handmade gifts, but I didn’t get very far. My knitting and crocheting skills are minimal and need a lot of practice. I do love that if you mess up, you can just unravel the yarn and start over. It was really frustrating, however, to start over 20+ times though.

Thankfully I have an entire year to get these five gifts out.

“Eating in” continued over the weekend in the form of family dinners. We were at RV’s mom’s house on Saturday so that he could help her pack up for the big move. Sunday, we went over to my uncle’s house for an early tuen neen fan. It is supposed to take place the eve of New Year’s, but we have another one of these dinners to attend then.

I can’t remember every dish consumed over the weekend, so I’m just going to skip that portion of the recap! Eating in hasn’t been particularly difficult for us, but it does make us more aware of meal planning. PLUS, we’re saving money in one area of our lives to spend on another!

Praise the dough hook attachment!

Through Rachel of Balance and Blueberries, I found Emily’s mother’s French bread recipe!

As usual, I’m not one for following directions to the tee, so I made my own adjustments with the ingredients that I had on hand. It was my first time using active yeast! I ran low on the white flour, so I substituted with wheat. Instead of all 7.5 cups, I used about six because of the substitution. I threw all the ingredients together into the mixer and let the dough hook do its work. After the dough appeared mixed, I took the kneading to the granite countertop!

I made two loaves, but I wasn’t very consistent on the shape and size.

Once cooled, we dug in.

RV who loves bread more than I do approved, and gave me the okay for baking bread more often! I grew up eating rice all the time, so he’ll be the one eating most of it.

And now for some catch-up on eating in:

Eat in Month 2010 – 01.12.11

blueberry muffin
Chobani Greek yogurt
fruit leather

Lunch hosted by company:
Conchiglie al Pollo from Il Fornaio – shell pasta, chicken breast, broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, pecorino cheese, roasted garlic and trebbiano wine

“kitchen sink” stir fry udon

Snacks at the party:
tea-infused chocolates = YUM!!!

Eat in Month 2010 – 01.13.11

fruit leather

“kitchen sink” stir fry udon

fruit leather

misoyaki black cod [freshly caught!] + broccoli

French bread!

Weekend Eats + A Photo Booth Baby

This weekend, RV visited his dad, while I stayed in town for a friend’s baby shower.

Saturday morning, I went to Zumba. In the afternoon, friends came over to keep me company for the evening. J cooked up a delicious chicken piccata for dinner! She made it look so easy, and it was tasty. I certainly didn’t mind there being just enough left over for me the next morning.

After dinner and a quick game of Guillotine [another game I recently bought], we watched Chicago on Instant Netflix. I was surprised that the movie came out quite some time ago, 2002! I loved it when I watched it in theaters, but I don’t think I’d seen it since. It’s so great! I love musicals!

I know Burlesque came out recently, but it didn’t get such good reviews. I’ll probably wait to see it in the comfort of my own home.

Eat in Month 2010 – 01.08.11

leftovers of RV’s Mediterranean platter

fruit leather

chicken piccata

Sunday afternoon was full of cute. A few of my friends have had babies, but this was the first baby shower I was able to attend. Adorable dresses [it's a girl!] and one-piece outfits. Stuffed animals. Favorite children’s books. And the not-so-cute. A diaper smelling game. A bottle feeding race. Photo booth fun!

Yes, it was a co-ed party.

Eat in Month 2010 – 01.09.11

chicken piccata
scrambled eggs

Snack [at friend's baby shower]:
chocolate cake

fruit leather

leftovers medley udon – chicken, duck, broccoli

dark chocolate-covered macadamia nuts

When RV returned from his trip in the evening, I had more presents to open. Gifts from his dad. :) Now that I’ve opened up the last of the gifts, maybe we’ll finally take the tree down!

Shaking it Zumba-style!

I went to my first Zumba class this morning! Bright and early at 9am on a Saturday, I think I was barely awake. I had made plans to take the class with Melanie, so I couldn’t back out. We both recently bought a TownHog deal – $10 for five classes. Accountability always helps when it comes to fitness.

What are your thoughts on Zumba? Have you tried it?

It was a lot of fun, but man oh man, I have some coordination to work on. On top of that, Latin dance involves a lot of shaking, you know, booty shaking, hip shaking. These hips and this booty are not used to that kind of shaking! And arm movements? I was really focusing on getting the legwork right.

Our instructor’s energy was amazing. 9am, and she was ready to go. I have four more classes on the punch card to take. I’m excited to see myself progress as I learn the moves. I don’t usually continue classes once the deals are up, but who knows? Will I get hooked?

A quick catch-up post for eating in yesterday! I ate my lunch early at work and spent the rest of the day snacking away until dinnertime. RV made a miso-based sauce, which he then slathered all over salmon before throwing it into the oven.

I love fish!

Eat in Month 2010 – 01.07.11

skillet potatoes + red bell peppers
rotisserie chicken

3 fruit leathers
mini bagel + cream cheese
Clover Organic yogurt – cream on top
hummus + baba ghanoush + pita chips

steamed broccoli
broiled miso salmon