Eat in Month 2011

January 2011 Reflection

Internal Dialogue

I caught myself leaving this comment the other day on Terra's January reflection: I don’t usually take the time to reflect for fear that I might realize that I’m not doing enough or wanted to do more. In 2011, I want to face that fear. I may be my biggest critic, but I can also [...]


Mellow Weekend


Chinese New Year is a few weeks away. In preparation, we dedicated our Sunday to cleaning and organizing the house. If you walked into the house today, you wouldn't even believe this. The place is STILL a mess! It is, however, an improvement from last week! I also spent the weekend tackling handmade gifts, but [...]


Praise the dough hook attachment!


Through Rachel of Balance and Blueberries, I found Emily's mother's French bread recipe! As usual, I'm not one for following directions to the tee, so I made my own adjustments with the ingredients that I had on hand. It was my first time using active yeast! I ran low on the white flour, so I [...]


Shaking it Zumba-style!

Health + Fitness

I went to my first Zumba class this morning! Bright and early at 9am on a Saturday, I think I was barely awake. I had made plans to take the class with Melanie, so I couldn't back out. We both recently bought a TownHog deal - $10 for five classes. Accountability always helps when it [...]