Wine and Love #30


Wine and LoveThis week’s edition of Wine and Love, a series brought to you by Walking With Nora, has been hastily typed. I’m on a flight to New York this morning, and my laptop battery has diminished rather quickly. It went from 50% to 10% in an hour. WTF?!


* Laptop’s current battery status. Glad I can type fast.

* I’m not making good use of my time. I wanted so badly to hit the ground running on the Fierce Love course, but I find myself going a lot slower. Thankfully it’s a course that you can do at your own pace.


* Currently, I am on a flight to New York City to attend the Women in the World Summit. I was lucky enough to be one of the four women participating in Toyota’s Women Influencer Network [“TWIN”] to be selected to attend. I am super excited about these next few days!

* Tourism Richmond has a crazy amazing opportunity for a food/travel blogger [or someone who wants to do it]. 365 Days of Dining is exactly as it sounds. You get to eat, drink, and experience Richmond for an entire year, AND it’s a paid position.

Keeping this short because my battery life is RIDICULOUS. I’m on reserve power. 3% now, so I’m signing out! I’d love to hear how your week is going!


February 2012 Reflections

Internal Dialogue

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

February was…

Beach Blanket Babylon! I found a deal online, and I finally got to see this show. It’s a San Francisco institution and definitely worth checking out.

Our big vacation of the year was our week in Costa Rica. It was my first time in Central America and Ryan’s first time out of the country outside of North America.

Waiting in a long line for beer.

Another Sea Forager tour.

I made an appointment to get tested for allergies and found out that I’m mildly allergic to certain foods, but nothing too crazy. I will probably continue eating the way I have been. THANK GOODNESS! Pollens, on the other hand, are another beast. I am definitely allergic to various tree pollens.

Signed up for Stratejoy’s Fierce Love course. Definitely something to check out if you ever wonder “Why is my biggest fear putting myself out there?”

Which allergy [if you found out that you had it] would devastate you?



May 2011 Reflection

Internal Dialogue

Crissy Field

No Wordless Wednesday entry this week. I didn’t upload my photos from the weekend in time.

May was…

Crissy Field. Movies + beer at a friend’s place. Margarita cupcakes. Picking up our delicious beef from Stemple Creek. First time at City Beer Store. Joy Juice. Starting up bikram yoga, only to quit again. BRACES OFF! A day trip to Yosemite.

#BiSC – the countdown towards it and then the actual event! Making a TON of new friends from all over and developing crazy blog crushes.

Flying with Ryan [more on that soon]. Pulled pork dinner at his mom’s house. Sleeping 16 hours when all we really wanted to do was take a nap. Last Spinsters meeting of the year.

New blog layout, sorta.

Past reflections: January. February. March. April.


Vegas, the BiSC way!

Awesome Sauce

I’ve been to Vegas several times over the years, but I never quite did it right. I’m not sure I would have survived three nights and three days if it weren’t for:

Having people to meet up with at the airport, knowing that we were already late to the party. An evening of drinks at Sin City Brewing Co., Bingo with Stratejoy, and welcoming/friendly faces that I’d mostly seen on a computer or mobile screen. Late night dining at Burger Joint. Our fancy rooms with AMAZING showers. Not only did the water come from up top, but there was a spray setting for right around the lower back.

BiSC 2011

Breakfast with two ladies, a gentleman and an incredible view at Margaritaville.

BiSC 2011

Hours and hours by the pool kicked off with some drinks so kindly sponsored by Clever Girls Collective. FINALLY meeting my roommate who as it turns out, I have a few things in common with besides blogging!

BiSC 2011

In the evening, an intimate group dinner with patio seating at Mon Ami Gabi followed by delicious chocolates dipped in chocolate, served alongside chocolate alcoholic beverages at the Chocolate Lounge in the Sugar Factory.

BiSC 2011

Absinthe – a raunchy acrobatic spectacle. Lots of dirty, dirty talk. Puppets. Bouncing pasties. Men with washboard abs. Rollerskaters that bring fear and awe into our hearts all in the same moment.

Absinthe Absinthe


Dancing with Katherine and the Brits at The Bank and later joining the group at Chateau where they had scored VIP treatment / bottle service. Dancing the night away and turning to the spa menu only to find out just how expensive a foot massage would be. This was only night two!

Pool time continued the following day. We snuck in a Swiss Maid fudge tasting and a quick dinner at Sushi Roku before Stripper 101. That reminds me – I have a photo to scan and send out. Black, white, and gold were the colors of the night. Happy hour and skipping the line at Pure turned into a bachelorette party.

BiSC 2011

Crazy fun.

As awkward as I felt and as uncertain as I was at times, the part that put me to ease and made this 4-day weekend oh-so-right? Every single person in attendance. Love you guys, and I look forward to hanging out again.

BiSC 2011
photo credit: Rebecca Freeman


Wine and Love #03


Cupcakes with Friends Wine and Love
via Nora


* Allergies.

* Restlessness.

* Procrastination. The same laundry piles.

* Categories versus Tags.


* The fantastic weather that brings about allergies. I am loading up on Vitamin D.

* Friends who will come over and “teach” you how to make cupcakes. 1) YUM! and 2) I put the word in parenthesis because she did most of the work. Learning starts with watching, right?

* RV is back! He went down to Santa Barbara to hang out/go fishing with his youngest brother.

* Our Stemple Creek beef is READY!

* Joy Juice, a year’s worth of writing prompts to help you grow. Now to figure out if I want to write it out or type it out and where to fit “me time” in my schedule.