Testing Patience (jaw surgery recovery)

Jaw surgery recovery has been incredibly difficult. It has been absolutely frustrating not being able to communicate. I know what words I want to use, but they come out all mumbled and unrecognizable because I’ve been wired shut. I feel myself mouthing the words, but the sounds come out differently.

Having a white board around helps, but I’m not patient enough to use it all the time. I can only communicate my frustration with glares, tears, and angry sounds.

My lips are noticeably less swollen than when I first returned home. The face is also not as swollen, but the bruising is getting worse. The pain’s kicking in as well, so I’m starting to take the Vicodin-equivalent in its prescribed dosage [was taking less before] and at regular increments. I want my body to focus on the healing, rather than on the pain.

Going to the acupuncturist tomorrow, so hopefully that’ll help speed things along!

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  • Hope you get better soon! Happy new year!

  • I wonder what it was like before we had computers, phones and everything so accessible!

    Regardless, hope you get better soon! Take care! Glad that you seem happy and well after the surgery!

  • Melanie

    Hang in there. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be. Sending hugs and warm thoughts to a speedy recovery!

  • Every day is a day closer to your subsequent verbal freedom! Think how much you’ll learn in that time.

    Good luck!

  • gah poor thing :( We always choose speech when it’s easiest…. *hug* what you need is the iphone with the speech generating software :) it’s all kids of awesome

    • Hehe, love that there’s always an app for something we need! :P