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Eat Santa Barbara : The Palace Grill stuffs me to the gills!

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The weekend was a whirlwind, consisting mostly of driving. Ryan and I took to the roads Friday evening and found ourselves in Orange County just a half hour past midnight! We met up with bloggers and old friends on Saturday, and spent the rest of the evening celebrating his grandmother’s 80th with the extended family.

Instead of the 5, we took the 101 back up on Sunday. It made for a more scenic drive, and I got to make a pit stop at the outlets. I found my formal floor-length dress! The sun was on its way down by the time Ryan could peel me away from the stores.

Difficult to capture in a moving vehicle, but it was breathtaking. We stopped in Santa Barbara for dinner at The Palace Grill.

They start you off with five different little muffins. Rosemary, Apricot, Molasses, Jalapeno, and Banana Nut. The flavor of the savory muffins seemed to pop with just a light spread of butter. It was difficult to refrain from eating another basket of them, and we took some for the road!

As recommended by our server, we ordered the “All the Best” platter since it was our first visit. With all the fried stuff on the plate, I was happy to see that they balanced it off with some grilled veggies and starches.

Caribbean Coconut Shrimp – Jumbo Prawns dipped in homemade beer batter, then rolled in coconut and flash-fried, and served with a Marmalade Horseradish Dipping Sauce.

Louisiana Soft Shell Crabs – Hand-picked Soft Shelled Crabs, stuffed with Bienville Crabmeat Dressing, then lightly dusted with Cornmeal Flour, and flash-fried. Served with Jalapeño Beurre-Blanc Sauce.

Spicy Crawfish Étouffée – Louisiana Crawfish tails smothered with Bell Peppers and Onions in a traditional shrimp stock with dark roux and garnished with green onions.

Blackened Salmon Pontchartrain topped with Crawfish Tails.

Since we knew dessert was on its way, we made room for it!

Dark Chocolate Soufflé with Chocolate Bourbon Cream Sauce.

Louisiana Bread Pudding Soufflé – Soufflé and Bread Pudding laced with Grand Marnier and Raisins, served with a Whiskey Cream Sauce.

We left stuffed to the gills, and I basically passed out in the car for the remainder of the trip home. I’m looking forward to Monday’s lunch because it’s going to be leftovers!

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  • Quinn

    Seriously, your food photos lately have just been making me ooze. Keep it up!

    • suki

      One of these days I’m going to learn to use my DSLR, and my hope is to make the food look like it’s going to come out of the screen and onto your plate! :P

  • Tabitha

    You were in Santa Barbara?! I LIVE THERE! (But I wasn’t home this weekend, haha.) The Palace Grill is pretty delicious. I’ve been there once, but my husband didn’t like it as much, so we haven’t been back. Bummer!

    • suki

      I went to school in the area, but I never really ate out at restaurants because 1) college budget and 2) didn’t have a car. It was nice to see what downtown had to offer. Next time I’m heading that direction, I’ll have to ask you for suggestions!

      • Tabitha

        Yeah, AND we can meet up and hang out! :-P

        • suki

          Yes, that would be ideal. We’re really not even that far away. I’d rather drive down the 101 than the 5 any day!

  • Yoshi

    Ok, I totally get hungry every time I come here. LOL

    • suki

      I try my best. ;)

  • Alli (One Pearl Button)

    Oh wow, I should not have read this before eating dinner – now I’m STARVING! That looks like an amazing meal (and sounds like a great weekend)!

  • Lariats and Lavender

    Oh my gosh, I don’t even like most seafood, but that sounds DELICIOUS! Seafood and I have had a rocky history. As a little kid, I loved it. As a teenager, I hated it. As a young adult, I’m starting to love it again!

    Sounds like a great trip!!!

  • Susan

    I love the idea of starting the meal with little muffins! That whole meals looks amazing. I’m usually not a huge fan of battered and fried stuff – but it is SO good when done with seafood.

  • keane


  • Brian

    man, i’m not usually into food blogs/photos when i can’t be there to taste it, but those desserts look like gooey sweet heaven.

    • suki

      And to think, they are but an hour and a half away in Santa Barbara! :P