The Real Joys of Homeownership in San Francisco

In the past, I’ve written about the “joys” of homeownership, but really it was an opportunity to complain. Bad plumbing. Ant problems. Expensive appliances. Based on those other posts, you’d think it was more of a burden than anything. There really are positives though, so I’ll discuss a few of them today.

One reason I love being a homeowner is security. When I went through the exercise of identifying my core values awhile back, one word that stuck through the entire process was security. That meant all security and stability – financial, physical, etc. Owning my own home provides that sense of security, even if from a different perspective, it means I’m locked down to the home for awhile. San Francisco is my homebase, and being tied to a city that I know and love isn’t a terrible thing. With the housing market in this area so strong, if the situation arises where I have to move, I have the option of selling or renting it out.

San Francisco

Housing in San Francisco is notoriously expensive, so finding a house for a price that I could afford monthly mortgage payments on was fortuitous. Trust me when I say it was a unique situation, and I probably wouldn’t have bought a house otherwise. SO SO THANKFUL it worked out. I don’t have to worry about the fluctuating rental market, and I don’t have to live with the parents [but I do see them when I can]. Reasons two and three for loving homeownership here – not living with the parents and not worrying about rent increases.

HomeownershipIt also helps that I fell in love with this living room. Natural light!

One last reason to love homeownership is that I have a place where everything is done by my rules! What are some of these rules?

* Wearing pajamas and vegging all weekend long is totally okay. So are living room dance parties and random mid-day naps. Probably not a rule exclusive to those who own homes, but I’d get more crap about it if I was living at home with the parents.

* During Christmas this past year, only the stockings went up since there wasn’t room for the tree. They’re still on the mantle – staying up way longer than they should…

* Our animals get to live with us.

Regardless of whether you own your place or not, what are some of YOUR house rules?

  • San

    Oh wow, I didn’t know you OWNED the place in San Francisco. That is amazing. It must have been a really good opportunity (or you must have a really good paying job!) ;)
    You’re living room is lovely!

    • Definitely the ridiculous opportunity rather than the well-paid… :p Also, not what most consider an ideal neighborhood to live in, but I’m not so picky!

  • #1 rule: There is no ‘meow’ singing in my dining room!

    • It happens in the living room, doesn’t it? :p

  • I can’t imagine ever being a homeowner. I worry too much, & I like that in an apartment, the anxiety is all on someone else. as long as I have a trustworthy landlord, I’m a happy girl! Luckily, my boyfriend’s military job makes it unlikely that we’d be in a position to buy until he retires anyway (in 12 years!), so I think I’ll be an apartment-dweller for a good long time. :)

    • I’ve heard horror stories about dealing with landlords that makes me glad I don’t have to, but I totally understand! In SF, the rental market is so bad that if you end up with a bad one, sometimes moving isn’t an option, and then you’re stuck. :(

  • What a gorgeous living room! Yep, there definitely are perks to living there – namely the food, but I also like your own rules. Your fur-babies are adorable!

  • Erini

    home ownership (or heck, condo-ownership..) is on my list for the next 5 years. I really want to put some roots down in Chicago. And having that security, and declaration, that this is my city, my community and I’m here for the long haul to be an active member…. I love it.

    • Love that outlook! :-) It could happen. In five years, things could change so much. I remember when this was on my 101 things to do in 1001 days list…

  • Tara

    Congratulations!! My husband enforces the no shoes in the house rule, but otherwise anything goes. When we moved into our house, I did commandeer one full cabinet just for all my loose leaf tea, sigh!

    • We enforce the no shoe rule too! Gotta keep the floor as clean as possible, even with animals around the house. ;-)

  • So I hate having to take care of my own stuff at home – like when the furnace breaks or whatever, but I love being able to have dogs and cats without paying extra and I love that it’s MINE and I can do whatever the hell I want with it. Getting to paint and make it a personal space is my FAVORITE part about owning.

    • Things breaking and having to find someone to fix them are definitely annoying, but the pros outweigh the cons. :-)

  • Eric

    Home ownership definitely has its challenges, but I don’t think concern over things breaking down should hold anyone back. It’s been my experience that you pay at least a little less per month as a homeowner and as long as you put enough money back then the breakdowns aren’t such a big deal.

    Besides, there’s also the added incentive that you get to decide how something gets fixed/replaced when it breaks.

    I like it because it encourages good behavior. I think it leads to better saving and planning for all areas of life. You’re also married to your neighborhood so you tend to invest a lot more into keeping things looking nice and participating in the community.

    Oh and I agree with you on the pets. We sleep way better with them out of the room.

    • So true re: how you get things fixed… but for a first-time homeowner, it’s a little daunting making those decisions for the first time. :-) Thank goodness there are review sites out there to help with the decision-making process!

  • ewiley

    I do not like clutter or things just left about. Or dirty dishes that sit in the sink. At least rinse them off please. :)

    • You’d hate our place. :P Sometimes we’re so busy things pile up, but they do get to me after awhile, and we go on a cleaning/organizing frenzy. LOL