Travel Page + Oregon Coast!

In an effort to getting more organized, I created a Travel page! It is more or less a list of places I’ve been to since 2007. I’ve linked to blog posts, as well as photo albums, so check it out. I’m hoping to add more to the page as 2011 rolls in since I have several trips planned already.

On that note, the Coos Bay – North Bend Visitor & Convention Bureau is in search of a Chowder Bounty Adventure correspondent, and I want to be that gal!

Help me add the Oregon coast, specifically Coos Bay/North Bend/Charleston, to my list before the end of the year. I am totally down to drive 500+ miles from San Francisco to experience Coos Bay AND find the best clam chowder in the area, possibly the world? RV is obsessed with catching his own fish and crabs, so perhaps I can challenge him to a crab-snare vs. crab-ring contest after kicking his butt in an ATV race. ;) On top of that, whale watching week happens between Christmas and New Year’s, which falls into when they want the correspondent to get a taste of the Adventure Coast.

Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to me!

More info on the contest: here.

Thanks in advance! I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed. If selected, I will take plenty of photos and write all about it!

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  • Can I fly in, eat crabs, then fly back home? :D

    • Ryan most likely has to work that week – between Christmas and New Year’s. Who do you think I should ask to go? :P

  • I tweeted! And man, to be Chowder Bounty correspondent…that rules. How cool would it be to add that to your resume? ;)

    Woweee you’ve traveled! But when are you visiting Korea or Singapore? :-)

    • Funny you should mention Korea and Singapore. I visited both in 2002 (separate trips). They were easier to travel to while I was studying abroad in Japan. :)

    • PS – thanks so much for tweeting that! :) I hope I get selected, so I can chow down and write all about it.

  • If my twitter wasn’t private I would RT! Good luck – that would be so much fun.

    • :) That’s okay. Thanks! I hope I get to go.

      • VICTORY!!!!! :D

        • Yes, I am so excited. I hope that the weather holds up in January! :P