Travel the World on $50 a Day!

Travel the World on 50 Dollars A DayWondering how to travel the world on 50 dollars a day? Well, wonder no longer! Matt Kepnes (aka Nomadic Matt) wrote a book called Travel the World on $50 a Day: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter with tips and tricks to do just that.

The book is divided into three sections – Planning Your Trip, On-The-Road Expenses, and Breaking it Down By Region. Matt touches upon all aspects of traveling and aims to show how anyone can travel without breaking the bank. And with this book, Matt really means anyone – Whether you have a quick trip in mind or plan on taking a much longer journey, he has words of advice on all sorts of topics. He walks you through how to avoid bank fees when going international, how to maximize mile-earning opportunities with credit cards, as well as how to find accommodations and transportation to fit your budget.

Since I am heading to Scandinavia this summer (thanks to being able to find cheap flights), I paid extra attention to that part of the book. Unfortunately, I’m hoping his advice on food in Scandinavia (“This region isn’t a culinary dream…”) is wrong. Hello, number one restaurant in the world is in Copenhagen! Of course, there are certain parts of my budget I am more willing to sacrifice than others. For this particular region, Matt’s tips on accommodations and transportation were more useful to me. Matt provides insight based on his personal experiences, so of course, not every area is mentioned or at least not in great detail, but it’s a good one stop shop for a LOT of information. You can pick and choose from the resources based on your travel plans.

Matt brings up a great point about the barrier of travel ~ most people spend more than $50 a day on basic necessities when living at home, so if the mindset is not wondering whether one can afford to travel, then it is easier than you think!

How to Travel the World on $50 a Day will be released today, so grab yourself a copy!

If you order by Thursday, February 7th at 11:59 p.m. your local time, Matt will give you over $300 in travel coupons to the following companies:

10% off G Adventures tours
10% off Context Travel tours (city tours)
$75 off an Airtreks RTW ticket
*Note: these coupons are available to everyone – no matter where you live!

You will also gain EXCLUSIVE access to an hour long live web talk with Matt next month. Just e-mail me ( your receipt and he will send you the coupons and enroll you in the webinar!

Disclosure: Matt and I have attended several blogging-related events in different cities, and he offered a few bloggers advanced copies of his new book in exchange for honest reviews. Since I’m all about making the most of travel within my resources, I signed myself right up. All budget travel-loving opinions are my own.

  • I did find it interesting when you showed me the best restaurant of the world. Word on the street and per Bourdain Scandinavia is kind of a culinary dud. Though he did admit that it’s just too “clean” for him. haha

    • I may resort to eating as cheaply as possible if I can’t get reservations! :p

    • What they lack in good food is made up for by beer. Besides, @suki:disqus likes pickled things more than anyone should

      • Mmm, pickles!

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  • Yay Scandanavia!! Andrew and I did Sweden last year and it was fun – very beautiful!

    • I’ll have to stalk you on fb or blog to check out all the photos! :-)