Update on the 101

An update on the 101 in 1001: In other words, I’ve been slacking off like a madwoman on these.

034 – Buy a sewing machine, and sew something.
Rather than jump in on the purchase of a new sewing machine, I’m borrowing RV’s mom’s sewing machine for as long as she forgets that I’ve borrowed it. It was sitting in her closet not being used, so she was more than okay with lending it to me for a short while. It came with an instructional CD, so I’ll take a look at that when I get the chance. For now, the machine just sits on my dresser, staring at me and waiting for me to make a move towards the instructional CD.

073 – Reorganize the bathroom – new shelving, nothing on the floor!
It’s not completely clean, but there IS new shelving, AND there is not MUCH on the floor. The reorganization will probably not happen since the space is small, and there really isn’t a whole lot I can do to change where everything is. I’ll keep updating if that changes, or at least I’ll document the new shelving and the cleanliness of the floor on camera when it’s acceptable.

075 – Get rid of and replace the hideous bookshelf in my room.
I have successfully completed this task! In fact, in the place of the hideous bookshelf, I now have an Ikea dresser. RV wants me to get a TV for the top of it because right now, I have it strategically placed across from the little couch I have in the room. The desktop is a Media Center PC, so I should really take advantage of that and get a nicer face for it.

077 – Keep a dream journal to improve on lucid dreaming.
I am having trouble with this one. Sometimes I wake up and try to recall the dream to tell RV, but my memory’s been poor. :/ I will have to look up ways to improve the memory of dreams.

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