Washington DC – Day Two Summary

Exploring Washington DC without a car is not difficult. The Metro makes everything easy. However, when you’re going about it all alone and wanting to try restaurants in areas you’ve never been to, it is a little unnerving. I’m sure DC is safe, but I wasn’t completely certain where I should/shouldn’t go since I don’t live there.

I started my second day with a ride to Pentagon City. My first stop was the DEA Museum. It was nothing fancy, just a few rooms on the ground floor of the building, documenting the history of the war against drugs. Random photos and paraphernalia. I probably spent less than half an hour in there.

From there, I was in search of a delicious meal. A quick poking around on the iPhone found me walking down the road, under a freeway [only a little creepy because it was during the day], and up a hill. Beyond the Air Force Memorial was a fantastic Ethiopian meal waiting. I probably spent more time at the Air Force Memorial taking photos [see below] than at the DEA Museum!

Discovering Dama Ethiopian was the highlight of my day.

I ordered the dullet dish, which is chopped red meat, tripe, and liver seasoned with herbed purified butter, spiced chili powder (mitmita). It can be served raw, medium, or well done. It comes on injera with injera on the side. Very tasty! There’s also a little salad on the side, which is fantastic too. Balances all that meat on a platter. The food was delicious, and there was enough food to feed another person. While I wish I’d had a companion to share the meal, I didn’t hesitate taking the rest to go.

Dama Ethiopian on Urbanspoon

Afterwards, I found myself wandering into DC and around the free museums. The Hirshhorn was fantastic and deserves an entry all to itself! The Bureau of Engraving and Printing, which I never ended up actually getting to [Saw a special on the plane about it afterwards, so all is good!], was closed at the time, so I visited the Holocaust Museum down the street. Very graphic, very moving. I would have spent more time in there if I hadn’t wandered in just an hour before closing time.

In the evening, I enjoyed a meal with Leslie and Mike in Crystal City, as well as checked out their old place. They’ve since moved, so I’ll have to stop by again.

I was riding up, down and around on the Metro with little regard for how far things actually were. If it was here in the Bay Area, it would be the equivalent of me constantly taking BART to the East Bay! I refilled my Metro card several times, so it wasn’t cheap, but you do what you have to to get around!

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  • Safety first! I think there are areas that aren’t so great. I was walking back to the hostel once and I passed by a homeless woman peeing on a tree. That was a first. She wore really baggy shorts which I think helped facilitate her biznass.

    • Yeah, safety most definitely came first. It might have limited the exploration factor, but I’m sure I’ll get to go again – next time with company! :) At least she peed on the tree and not towards you!

  • Yeah, she was very considerate in that regard :)

  • I am getting so slow in responding! But yeah, most definitely on the metro! The holocaust museum was so worth it! (For free)

    I have to say that I loved getting around in DC. My friends showed me some awesome spots (except I was bothered by the fact that everything closed so early). Did you ever run into the Fojol Brothers (tasty Indian truck downtown)?

    • I added them to my Twitter while I was out there, but I didn’t get the chance to find them.