Wine and Love #13

Wine and Love
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* The tenants are moving out of the investment property after almost four years. It’s a relief considering what a mess I’ve gathered them to be, but until I can check out the damages from their four-year stay and ready the property for the next potential tenants, I’ll be footing the bill myself. It’s not impossible, but it sure is a financial strain.

* The tenants have once again clogged one of the toilets. I’m wondering if they do that on purpose to test out the quality of the toilets because I had them all replaced not too long ago. They were replaced after multiple complaints about clogs, so I went out and got some fancy toilets. CLOGGED ALREADY?! Have you never heard of a plunger? Are you flushing your clothes down the toilet because I won’t include a washer and dryer?

* This property is probably the only thing stressing me out these days. It rarely happens, but when it does, it puts me in major panic mode. Since the property is up in Oregon, and I can’t just go up and see how things are, it stresses me out to have to schedule plumbers and get things fixed from afar. I’ve considered hiring a management company, but all the ones I’ve emailed have not responded.

* Sasha whines and howls whenever either Ryan or I leave the room. It’s gotten better at home because we started training her. She’s a fast learner, but we have to test her out in public again soon.

Last weekend, we were up in Sonoma picking up our wine, and as soon as I stepped out of sight, she howled and whined like crazy. I can understand how after being abandoned by her previous owner she has developed a bit of separation anxiety, but we need to get in control of this. She’s already banned from Ryan’s work place for being so disruptive, which puts a damper on our plan to bring her in once a week. :/


* Walking Sasha daily has me out and about early in the morning and breathing in fresh air. It exercises her and wakes me up. Despite the howling issues, she’s an awesome dog. Super smart and fun to have around.

* Getting a much needed haircut today!

* The Giants Race is this weekend! We’re having some friends over after the race, which I am really looking forward to.

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  • I heard a thing on fresh air earlier this year about dog behavior – and a good way to get the dog to not whine when you leave – I think this is a link to it:

    but the gist is, you basically train the dog to realize that when you leave you are COMING BACK.

    • Yeah, we’re trying something like that. I’ll have to check that out later. :) Thanks!

  • Ooh! Investment properties used to be my fantasy when I read financial books last year.

    • They’re more trouble than they’re worth, sometimes! 

  • Fingers crossed Sasha gets better the longer you have her and as she realizes that you keep coming back to her. Poor thing. It makes me so sad to hear of dogs with issues like that because they’re so easily avoidable if people would just be good good to their pets.

    • She’s shown signs of improvement. There was another issue where she was uber possessive of tennis balls, so we’re working on that too. I love her so much that it’s worth the effort to train it out of her.

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