Wine and Love #14

Wine and Love
via Nora


* Impromptu trip up to Portland. The plane ticket prices between SFO and PDX are ridiculous, so we are hitting the road late Friday evening and driving up. It will be a long ride. I am so very lucky that Ryan is coming along and helping me out. I have no idea where to begin with the cleaning and fixing.


* There is a bright side to being in Portland this weekend. I get to see Michelle and a few #BISC-uits who happen to be in the area. YAY.

* An amazing time in Chicago – good food, lovely architecture, and hanging out with friends. I have plenty of posts on the back burner to catch up on.

* When I tell you about a giveaway, you should really enter! I found out today that I won one of the two sets of Circulon pans that Kim was giving away. Woo!

* Flight deals to Costa Rica for next year. If you’re in SF, LA, Dallas, or Miami, there are some incredible deals right now to Liberia, Costa Rica. Go look on Orbitz! I am so excited because I’ve never been to Latin America.

* A public library system that keeps up with all the new books. I was able to pick up a ton of 2011 travel guides that will help in planning our upcoming trips. I don’t have to wonder which one to buy; I can just go through each one, pick out the information I need, and voila! Best of all worlds.

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  • graceelena

    I love good libraries. the DC public library is making a lot of changes, lucky for me I can still take advantage of their e-books! 

    • Yeah, SF has E-books now too! I love that feature. :) 

  • You should definitely go to Costa Rica! It was incredible was I was there in July – an AMAZING place! Book it!!

    • Tickets bought. I looked through your S.A. pictures too! :)

  • Love that you’re coming to Portland -and- Costa Rica!

    • I wish Portland was a “for fun” trip instead. I’ll have to do it again!

  • Oh man, Costa Rica is on my destination list for sure! I need to pace myself though; I did just go to Europe which is crazy expensive. :P

    Have an awesome time in Portland and drive safe!

    • Yea, that’s why I haven’t been to Europe in awhile. Aside from Spain, which is considered the least expensive in the area. Hoping to have saved up by the time I have to take this trip! :)

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