Wine and Love #20

Wine and Love
Wine and Love is a series brought to you by Walking With Nora. I’m a bit wordy with the stuff that makes me grab the wine this week. Lots going on!


* My parents worry me. I think that’s natural as they get older, but just this week, my dad got into a car accident. He’s fine, but his car is not. Then there’s my mother who can’t wait the two weeks the doctor told her was required for recovery [she had surgery on her shoulder]. She’s traipsing about town as if everything is normal. So worrisome! I was telling the sister that it’s no wonder some kids live with their parents. We’d have to do that in order to keep up with their shenanigans/mishaps!

* Sasha has not been feeling well. Stomach issues that should go away in a few days, but since this hasn’t happened before, we were worried pet parents on Wednesday. We took her to a vet, and he put us at ease about the whole ordeal. Since dogs are all about food, who knew that not eating for most of the day would be normal?!

* I am overwhelmed with all the blogging commitments I’ve made. I signed up for NaBloPoMo, and I am already wondering [it’s only day four] if I should have done that. To blog every day requires time and energy. I’m hoping that by posting daily, I won’t lose out on what I want the blog to reflect. In the past, I have gotten lazy and written WHATEVER, only to go through and delete it later on. I’m hoping that I don’t have to do that this time around. I’m also part of a video blogging collaboration channel called MSTHK. That’s only once a week, thankfully. I joined up because I didn’t want my video blogging every day in August to go to waste.


* A weekend on the Central Coast that was part of the Great Fundraising Act. Ryan and I headed down to Camarillo on Friday. As part of the package, we had the opportunity to check out one of the Channel Islands. We chose Anacapa Island and headed over there Saturday morning to pick up a few National Parks Passport stamps. In the evening, we grabbed dinner up in Montecito with his youngest brother. Sunday, we met up with a long-time internet friend of mine [Hi Patrick!] for breakfast before a little bit of time at the outlets.

East Anacapa Island

* Two food/blogging-related events in the upcoming weekends – Foodbuzz Festival and IFBC. I’m a little sad that some of the folks I met last year won’t be in attendance, but there will be plenty of new faces to meet.

* Pumpkin carving success! It was trash day today, so guess where those ended up?

Pumpkin Carving

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  • We live within walking distance of my parents, and just an hour from my husband’s parents as well. It can be hard as they get older and need more help (I actually help my parents every day with their errands and such). Hope your mom’s surgery will go well.

    The events sound fun!

    • I think it went well. She just has to have the patience to heal. :P I’m hoping they are more careful and realize that my sister and I love ’em and just want them to be OK.

  • Love the photo of the Channel islands! Beautiful.

    • They are! I went to school across from them for a bit and didn’t even think to visit. Of course, the boat ride over costs a bit of money [which was covered in the online auction], so that helped. Each is very different, so I’m looking forward to heading back down there. It’s a good weekend trip.

  • Patrick

    Great meeting you and Ryan!
    I’ll relaunch my website/blog as soon as I get my head on straight. 

    • :) Yes, let me know!

  • I worry about my parents too. It feels like the older we get, the younger they get. Sometimes it’s like I’m talking to children who are stubborn in their ways: “Don’t watch so much TV! Get some exercise. No, that’s too much cake for you!!” But they never listen. I just have to remind myself that they raised ME and they’ve lived much longer lives than I have :)

    I signed up for NaNoWriMo and I’ve been pretty good the first two days. It takes a lot for me each time though… like several hours :-/ to reach the 1700 daily word goal.

    I can’t log into Disqus. Don’t know why. This is Keane.

    • Oops, I forgot to delete the party about Disqus..

      • It’s always a “party” with Disqus. Hahaha. :) 

    • That’s exactly it! They are getting younger. Well, with my mom, it’s more of that she didn’t have the opportunities as a young adult, so now she is super active and all over the place. :P I have to remind my dad to stretch before playing ping pong, but at least he’s out there playing ping pong! 

  • B.

    I love the pumpkins! I think it’s  natural to worry about our parents as they get older, just like they do with us!

    • True. Why can’t they just do things that don’t worry us? :P I bet they asked themselves that every day while we were growing up.

  • I am worried about my mom too. She’s got a lot going on for her and she tells me she’s fine or she doesn’t need money from me, but I’m not sure if she’s just ashamed to take money from me. Either way I get worried that somehow she won’t make it especially when she’s out doing God knows what. It’s insane because I used to live with her and I recently moved in with my boyfriend and so now I’m constantly thinking about her and what she’s doing. 

    Darn parents! lol

    • I think the key is to visit and call often. :) 

  • I’m glad your dad ended up being ok! My dad makes me worry, too, but I feel like I can’t complain too much after all the worry I put him through when I was a teenager… 

    • My sister and I were pretty tame growing up, but yeah, I’m sure they worried like no other. After all, that’s what parents do. :)

  • The Channel Islands look beautiful! I haven’t spent much time on the west coast but really, really want too – it looks beautiful!