Wine and Love #25

Wine and LoveWine and Love is a series brought to you by Walking With Nora. It’s basically a list of what makes us reach for the wine this week and a list of stuff we’re loving.


* Sasha is being a royal pain in the butt. She gives me a hard time as I am leaving the house in the morning. She was fine for quite awhile, and then suddenly I can’t leave without her tracking my every move and putting up a fight. I don’t know when the turning point was. I can only guess that she is too energetic and hasn’t been stimulated enough. It gets so bad that she won’t even obey commands for treats. She’s got a one-track mind, to get between me and the door or to come along for the ride.

* Similar to how in order to get a job, you need certain experience, but to get the experience, you need the job first, there’s an event coming up where you can get a press pass if you have a certain number of pageviews. You can take photos at the event if you have a press pass. However, for all those up and coming blogs that don’t have enough page views, you can’t take photos, and you can’t get a press pass. You can’t even take photos to attract more people to your site. ;) Oh, the irony.


* Finally picked out a helmet, which means I’ll be riding around on the Vespa soon! It’s a full-face, as recommended by most of my motorcycle-riding friends. Even though I am only on a scooter going 35mph, that’s still going to be a huge impact if I go flying off the scooter.

* BJ’s Pizookie


* Went to a whiskey and chocolate tasting last night hosted by Pacari Chocolate. As it turns out, even a non-whiskey aficionado such as myself can tolerate whiskey if it is paired up with chocolate. If you’re in the San Francisco area and would like to attend a chocolate/whiskey tasting on Monday, January 16th, check this out!

What’s up with you this week?

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  • I say we need a doggy daycare service at work!

    • With all those dogs at work, I agree! :) It would be awesome. Then Sasha can play with the other BIG dogs at the office. 

  • Jolene (Everydayfoodie)

    This week I am enjoying the extra free time that I have due to being done the course work for my masters degree … it has been quite nice.

    • Oooh, that sounds lovely! :D Congrats on being done. 

  • ewiley

    Your food related “loves” are making me hungry. And I just ate. :)  Chocolate totally makes everything better too.

  • Sasha loves you!! lol But I’ve definitely been there with a needy puppy. My only solution is to have Ryan run her around. :P Sorry, Ryan.

    Also, I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove BJ’s pizookies. My favorite is the peanut butter pizookie. I only go there for the pizookies. I pretend to eat anything else. And by “pretend” I mean, I actually eat it but you know, the main attraction is the dessert course.

    • Haha, I know what you mean! I’d go there for just the pizookies too.

      • I have to get one after I work out today. :PP The photos are just too seductive.

  • Whiskey and chocolate?!?! Amazing.

    • Yes! It’s really good. :) 

  • B.

    Don’t you love the “need experience” circle that is job hunting?

    • It makes me want to scream, it really does.

  • Found you through 12 months 12 changes! Yummy pizookies! And have fun riding your Vespa soon!

  • Thanks to this blog post, I’m going to have dreams about BJ’s pizookies tonight.