Wine and Love #32

Wine and LoveHere is this week’s edition of Wine and Love, a series brought to you by Walking With Nora. Keeping the wine list short as usual!


* Today is the last Wine and Love for Nora.

* Feeling overwhelmed at times about many things – money, deadlines, not enough hours in the day.

* Sasha has a guarding problem that has recently reared its ugly head. It resulted in her teeth leaving a bruise on my hand. I think it just reminds me that we can’t be too comfortable with our situation, and that we always have to observe her behavior and alter the way we do things based on that.
Sasha Dog

* I’m taking on the torch for Wine and Love, so check back here next week if you want to participate or to check out other participants!

* I’m in the process of refinancing the house, and the woman I’m working with has been on top of things. Good customer service goes a long way. Well, competency also helps. It really does take a bad egg or two to make you appreciate the good ones.

* Tea time with the sister. We were on our way to a party, only to find the line a bit ridiculous. It was also misty out, so we found another option – sipping on tea and chocolate and just gabbing.

* Having friends over for cheese and drinks! Ryan and I haven’t hosted any parties for a few months, so it was nice having a few people over at a time. Super casual, but we still cleaned the house!

* 41 days until Bloggers in Sin City!

What’s on your Wine/Love list this week?

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  • I’m going to continue doing Wine and Love too. Sorry to hear about the problems with Sasha. What are y’all doing to help with that?

    Yay for tea time!!!  

    • We’ve read on the internet that she’s resource guarding, so we’re working on discouraging that by asserting who is in charge of her foods/toys/treats. Hopefully it works. She really is eager to please, so I think she sensed our disapproval, and hopefully that works too.

  • Sasha looks sad in that photo. But adorable still.

    • It’s her “why can’t we go out ALL THE TIME?” look. :p 

  • I had a feeling you and @stealthypoo:twitter were related! That’s awesome you have a family member who blogs. :)

  • Dammit. Late for wine and love again!

    Loving – my baby brother just got engaged.
    Hating – the arrival of winter. 

    • Congrats to your brother, and make sure to join up next week! I’ll have the link for it here.