Wine and Love #33

This is the first edition of Wine and Love that I’m hosting. The series was originally brought to you by Walking With Nora. Since she’s reached her 52 weeks, I decided to continue this until I reach my 88th Wine and Love. The concept is this – each Thursday you list out what’s driving you to grab a glass of wine and what you’re loving!

Grab the button, and join in if you’d like!

Wine…Wine and Love

* I’ve been so forgetful lately. I leave my retainer out for way too long. Too long = all day because I left it in the bathroom at home. Oops. I also left my phone in the car.

* Is there a way to store wine once it has been poured into the glass? I have a tendency to pour a glass, do something and then forget about it. We tried saran wrapping a glass the other night, but the wine obviously did not keep.


* My first time hosting Wine and Love. My only fear aside from posting every week – nobody participates. Don’t let this be the case!

* Meeting Shutterfly’s Chief Storyteller, Heather Maddan, tonight! We will be chatting about travel over a fancy dinner at the Ritz. I don’t have many more details than that, so it will be surprise.

* Lots of baking last week! I already posted about the coffee cake that fell apart. I didn’t grab a photo of the cookies that I made, but here’s the poorly frosted Bundt cake. It really does look like a giant doughnut.

Bundt Cake

* 34 days until Bloggers in Sin City! My roommate Caryn and I have been doing a countdown!

* Ryan is working on updating my blog layout and theme. Based on what we’ve decided to do, it means I have to go through and sort out my posts – so many posts to look at! It’s a lot of work, but I am excited for the upcoming changes.

What’s on your Wine/Love list this week?

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  • Sid

    The cake looks gorgeous. I baked sesame seed biscuits recently. They didn’t come out that great. I’m still going to eat them, but grudgingly.

    • I bake a lot of things that don’t actually get finished. :P Thankfully if they happen to be sweet and not too dry, I can get Ryan to take them to work to his coworkers.

  • That cake looks sooooo yummy!!!! Excited for your new layout and theme!!! Yay for Wine and Love continuing!! 

    • Hope you join in on it this week! Saw that you linked up, but didn’t see the post yet. :)

      The cake was pretty good for my first Bundt cake!

    • PS – I updated the linking mechanism, so link up again once your post is up. :D

  • How long are you trying to keep the wine good for? Recorking it usually allows a red wine to last a couple-three days, some are even better on day two than day one.  I have heard OK things about the pumps that pull the air of of the bottle and allow you to seal it air free, but I’ve not tried. This might work  a bit better, since the fancy box wine I bought last december (something like this lasted several weeks in the same, ‘drinkable, but not great’ state thanks to the airtight bladder in the box… 

    • My concern is once it is out of the bottle. Usually corking the bottle is fine, but what happens once it hits the glass? Is it over? :p

  • GFM

    I’m just getting on the Wine & Love bandwagon, so I’m so glad to see it continuing!

    I don’t see the link up anymore?

    Yay for new blog themes!

    • Tweeted at you where it was, and I see you got it to work. YAY! :) I haven’t changed my blog theme for over a year now, so it’s about time.

  • ewiley

    That cake/frosted donut confection looks amazing! I’ll take a piece please. :)

    • It’s a bundt cake that I combined two recipes for!

  • I WANT THAT CAKE. It looks soooo yum!! I participated this week, yay! 

    • Thank you for participating this week! :) I love your list! I hope you join in next week. Perhaps I’ll have more than two people participating? :P