Wine and Love #34

Wine and LoveI only really notice that a week has flown by when my weekly Wine and Love posts are nearly back to back! Thanks to all who participated last week in the inaugural edition. The series was originally brought to us by Walking With Nora. The concept is simple – each Thursday, you list out what’s driving you to grab a glass of wine and what you’re loving.

Grab the button, and join in if you’d like!


* It takes a bit of coaxing to get Sasha to eat her meals these days. What kind of dog is this?! She used to do just fine, but now she hesitates. Ryan thinks it might have been when we reprimanded her over a guarding incident. Now she’s wary of getting into a similar situation, so perhaps that is keeping her from eating. Hope we figure it out soon because it’s taking me way too long to leave the house in the morning. To avoid her meal, she puts on the cutest faces and nudges you to pet her. How can you resist?!

* Not enough sleep!

* I have some overdue writing assignments that I need to get to. No more procrastinating! We stayed in tonight, but instead of catching up on those, I caught up on How I Met Your Mother. I’m half way through season 4.


* New blog layout! If you haven’t had a chance to take a peek [especially for those reading in the feed], click on over. It’s got issues in certain browsers on certain operating systems, but we’ve tried to eliminate as many problems as possible.

* Due to Linda’s diligence and because we’ve been exchanging daily “positive three” emails, I finally signed up for the Sketchbook Project. You should too! Not sure what my theme will be…

Brunch at Bab's Diner

* Weekend brunch with some fun ladies! Gina, Katherine, and San met me in Suisun City for brunch. The food was delicious, and the company fabulous. The only downside was the long wait due to one particularly cranky hostess. She had written our number down incorrectly and then proceeded to yell at someone else for her mistake. Oh well! At least the food was good, and there was a lot of it.

Brunch at Bab's Diner

Brunch at Bab's Diner Brunch at Bab's Diner

What’s on your Wine/Love list this week?

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  • OMG look at the spread. 
    Wine: I wasn’t awarded the travel scholarship to California. There aren’t any races happening this weekend.  
    Love: I don’t know. It’s a pretty bleak week for me. 

    • It was sooo much food and not terribly expensive. :) Sorry to hear you didn’t get the scholarship. Hang in there! <3

  • I wish I could join in for brunch! 

    • I know! SO when’s your next trip to California? Can’t wait to brunch in Vegas AND when I visit. :D

  • reinventingerin

    That seems like an awesome bunch of bloggers right there! I read all y’all except Katherine, but I’m going to mosey my way over to her blog right noW!

    • :) She does the glitter shoes!

  • Yay for blogger meet-ups! Color me jealous.

    • You’ll have to head up to NYC when we’re there in the summer! :)

  • OMG….that brunch looks amazing!! Jealous of the meet-up! Glad y’all had a good time!

    Oh, why can’t you see those who are participating in Wine and Love on the post?

    • I fixed it! Thanks for letting me know.

  • YAY! So honored to be featured on your blog. Brunch was such an awesome time and I’m glad we were able to get together. Let’s do it again soon!

    • Yes, let’s do it again! :)

  • I’m wicked excited that you’re hosting this now :) :)

    • And I’m so stoked that you joined in this week. Hope to keep it going for awhile.

  • Those waffles look amazing!

    • They were fantastic. No waffle better than the Belgian. :)

  • And now I want a waffle haha! The week truly has flown by!!!

    • It has! I was standing in Costco yesterday contemplating the purchase of a waffle iron…

  • I love your new layout! I’m on my iPad, & it looks just fine. So cute!

  • tomfromhr

    It’s almost odd seeing bloggers together! I keep thinking it’s photoshop because I’m used to seeing you both alone!

    • Hahaha, could it possibly be Photoshopped? :P I suppose we could have sat at the same table at different times.

  • San

    Our brunch was awesome! Let’s do it again soon! Also: could you email the pictures? (Will do the same!) Thanks!!

  • You’re dog is the cutest and I imagine she could totally get away with murder if she wanted just by making that super cute face.

    And I’m so jealous of that brunch!! 

    • Yes, I think she gets away with waaaay too much with that face and THE EARS.

  • Ano

    Love the new layout.  So cute!