Wine and Love #36

Wine and LoveHappy Thursday! It’s time for another edition of Wine and Love! The concept is simple – each Thursday, list what’s driving you to grab a glass of wine and what you’re loving. The series was created by Walking With Nora and now hosted here. Grab the button and join in!


* Not being able to clone oneself is frustrating. There are a lot of places I want to be at the same time, doing different things. Then there could be a responsible version of me doing laundry and cleaning house while another me would be out having fun.

* Random acts of vandalism piss me off so much! Glad I wasn’t in the Mission last night.


* We were invited to a small gathering of food bloggers and publishers to meet Michael Natkin and sample bites out of his cookbook Herbivoracious. The chèvre with sautéed grapes recipe he demonstrated was quick, easy and delicious!

Michael Natkin of Herbivoracious

* My sketchbook arrived! I’d seen Linda posting about her sketchbooks in the last few years, and while I almost signed up for it last year, I didn’t actually make it happen until now. I’m not sure what I will be sketching, and I hope the theme finds me as I start sketching.

* 13 days until Bloggers in Sin City!

* Ryan’s mom gifted us with a beer tasting at Tap 25, a spot in Livermore that maintains 25 craft drafts. We stopped in Sunday afternoon to try the beer.

On the paddle on the left, Dogfish Head Urkontinent, Firestone Dba, Anderson Valley Wee Geech, and Ace Perry Cider. On the paddle on the right, Dogfish Head Urkontinent, Grand Teton Wake Up Call Imperial Porter, Sudwerk Hefeweizen, and Oskar Blues Deviant Dale’s IPA. Yes, we ordered the Urkontinent twice because I really liked the unique combination of flavors.

Tap 25 Tap 25

* Yoga class with a friend. She emails almost every week about the class she’s teaching, and this was the first week that I showed up to class. It felt really good to stretch and do the poses, so I’d really love to do more.

* Weekend getaway!

What’s on your Wine/Love list this week?

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  • Ris

    Oooh those beers look delicious!

    • Yes they were! I’m not big on IPAs, so Ryan finished that one, but I do love a good stout and cider. :)

  • Love it! In going to a launch party for the same cookbook tonight!!

    • Can’t wait to hear what you think of it! We had a good time at the one in SF. And the dishes in the cookbook look like stuff we would try.

  • Ooh beer! Deviant Dale’s, swooooooooon. I really want to try the Urkontinent. I usually love everything Dogfish Head does. Thanks again for hosting – I’ll be linking up later :)

    • If you like Dogfish Head, you’ll want to keep an eye out for that one. I’m not sure where they’re pouring it, but if they make it all the way out to California on draft, there’s a good chance they are elsewhere and are easier to find.

  • tomfromhr

    Those beer tastings look so cool! Must find a local place that does that!

    Also, that cookbook sounds neat. I’ll have to check that out! Also, be able to cook. :P

    • There must be places that do that near you, Tom! If you find a spot, I’d love to hear how it goes. :)

  • Don’t forget the Maldon sea salt that he used on those grapes! We did a tasting and they were a bit more substantial than your normal kosher/sea salts. That would be perfect for any salad or even baked goods.

    • Yes, that salt was great. Definitely added complexity to the dishes that regular sea salt did not. When are we picking some up? I can see myself using that on a cookie!

  • San

    A clone! Wouldn’t that be amazing! I want one, too! So much to do, so little time!

    Still jealous that I’ll be missing BiSC…

    • You have to go the next time! :)

  • Gotta say the Giants losing to the Marlins today is definitely topping my wine list. Toss in today’s clouds and that’s what’s making me wanna grab a glass of vino (not that I need a reason). The Bay Area weather as of late (save today) is definitely topping my love list, and the fact that I get to party it up in SF for my birthday this weekend with good friends — life doesn’t get much better.

    Tap 25 looks pretty damn awesome – gonna add that to my “must check out” list!

    • Happy birthday weekend, @twitter-409585066:disqus ! :) It is looking to be a pretty weekend for sure.

  • ewiley

    I am a complete cider addict. All from my trip last summer to Great Britain. Looks like you’ve had a lot of fun going on and I can’t wait to hear all about BiSC!

    • OooOooh, that is what I need to do – head to Great Britain to have my fill of ciders. :)