Wine and Love #37

Wine and LoveHappy Thursday! Wine and Love is a blog series created by Walking With Nora and now hosted here. The concept is simple – each Thursday, list what’s driving you to grab a glass of wine and what you’re loving. Grab the button and join in, especially this week because every participant is entered in the giveaway!


* Allergies. With the amazing weather we’ve been having, pollen, dust and all those other goodies have been flying through the air and invading my sinuses. NOT fun.

* Similar to how socks almost always lose their match, I’ve had a hard time locating swimsuit tops and bottoms that supposedly were purchased together as a match. We are less than week away from Bloggers in Sin City. I need to get my act together, and I’m thinking I have to make a last minute shopping trip.


* During our weekend road trip, Ryan and I met who we consider to be a real live most interesting man in the world. Most people have seen the Dos Equis commercials, and when we met Joe, our eyes met in slow motion as we both had that very same thought at the same time. So what makes Joe that man?

He made his $$ as a motivational speaker and according to him, can pretty much land a job in any industry. At some point, he worked for Toyota and ended up with a 1st Gen Prius that now has 200K miles and is in mint condition even after he allegedly has hit quite a few deer with it. He sold his house in Southern California and bought a ranch up in Oregon where he lives off the grid with his wife. There are lakes and streams that he fishes in and only for wild fish that nobody else gets to fish in because they’re afraid of BLM, but he isn’t. He smokes his own meats and owns a restaurant where he also makes all of the sides, including an award-winning clam chowder. He has his own well on his property that he not only drinks from, but also prepares amazing lemonade for his restaurant with.

It was a most random experience, but somehow we ended up with his cell phone should we ever wish to visit his ranch and take him up on his offer to show us his favorite place – Crater Lake. Before we made our way back to the hotel [about an hour drive from this bar that we were at], he packed us up some goodies from his restaurant around the corner.

Smokin' Joe's

* About a week ago, I attended a small gathering of food bloggers and publishers to meet Michael Natkin and sample bites out of his cookbook Herbivoracious. This week, I am giving away a copy of said cookbook. All who participate in Wine and Love this week will be entered. PS – For another chance to win Herbivoracious [her contest ends Monday], check out Linda’s post!


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  • GFM

    Haha, wow, he definitely does seem to be the most interesting man in the world. It’s interesting how things like that come about. :)

    • Yeah, Ryan and I were discussing how we even ended up meeting the guy. It was all a matter of circumstance because we totally got lost first, spent way longer getting there than we had anticipated, and then we hung out at the bar for awhile before meeting this guy. Craziness.

  • Sid

    Holy crap. That piece of meat looks so good.
    What does BLM stand for? And this guy’s ranch sounds divine.
    BISC? I’m so jealous. Wish I could attend and meet all my favourite bloggers.

    • thinker

      BLM is Bureau of Land Management… ‘popo of the wilderness.

  • thinker

    What’s the name of Joe’s restaurant? That meat looks amazing.

    • Smokin’ Joe’s.

      • thinker

        Ha, great name. Thanks, bookmarked!

  • I don’t even like meat on bones, but dammmmn, that meat looks delicious!

    • It was really good. He basically smoked the meats, and then made the sauces all separately. The jalapeno and bourbon ones were my favorite!

  • Ashalah

    Ohhh that meat looks so good.

    And I am having the same issue with bathing suits. I really would love to know where half of my bikini bottoms wandered off to!

    • There must be a bikini gnome. Hah! :)

  • I totally feel you on the allergies. I feel like this is the worst allergy season there had been in years!

    I totally would have done Wine and Love today so I could try to win that cookbook, but it’s almost midnight, so I think it might be too late? :(

    • It’s not too late! Doesn’t have to be posted on Thursday. The linkup is active all week! Join in!

  • I’m having allergies in Rome too! I almost never have allergies. This is such a dusty city :P

    • Wear one of those face masks. Hahaha! :)

  • Sarah Von

    He really DOES sound like the most interesting man in the world! For the record, I’d love to see a female version of that advertisement!

  • I hear Crater Lake is absolutely gorgeous. It’s on my (constantly growing) list of places to visit.

    • My problem is that the list is constantly growing, and I am not moving fast enough! :P

  • I think Crater Lake is on my Northwest Expedition visit liiiiist. If I see Joe, I’ll tell you said, “Hello, hey Joe.”

    • YES! Definitely stop in and say hi to Joe. Tell him the couple from San Francisco he and Truly met at the Creamery. We have his cell phone #. :P

  • Have an excellent time at BiSC. So jealous!