Wine and Love #55

Wine and LoveTime for another edition of Wine and Love! Each week, participants make two lists – one with what’s driving them up the wall [and wanting to grab a glass of wine or any other boozy beverage] and one with what they are loving. Feel free to grab the button and join in.


* Extracurricular commitments. Being busy isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when it comes with more than I bargained for [aka DRAMA], I can feel the knots in my shoulders and back forming. I’m still figuring out ways to clear my mind and de-stress. Good thing I have an appointment with the masseuse soon!


* My birthday is coming up in a month! Instead of partying it up, I’ve donated my birthday to a fantastic cause – Charity: Water. Specifically, water for families in Rwanda. I don’t walk for hours to grab a glass of water, and they shouldn’t have to either! 100% of donations go directly to fund the project.

* Photos like this:

* AUTUMN – my absolute favorite time of year – leaves changing colors, cool and crisp air, boots, my birthday, San Francisco Bay Area’s summer.

* Being selected by Toyota Women’s Influence Network to attend NASCAR events next month. I will be in Charlotte, NC for the weekend, so suggestions on what to do and where to stuff my face welcome!

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  • GFM

    Autumn is my FAVOURITE time of the year, too!

  • I LOVE AUTUMN!!! Those pictures are great!!!

  • thinker

    Love the charity: water campaign!

    • yaaay, thank you for donating!

  • I love your pictures, especially the ones with Tigger!

    Autumn is my favorite time of year, three!

  • Sid

    Love: I spent some time in Soweto yesterday. Soweto is the largest township in South Africa. It’s where Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu (Nobel Peace Prize winners) resided. Anyway, I got to learn more about my countries history – checked out the Apartheid museum.
    Wine: The weather in Cape Town. It’s raining and cold!

  • Most adorable assortment of photos you’ve ever posted. Love them all!