Wine and Love #65 - [Super Duper Fantastic]

Wine and Love #65


Wine and LoveWine and Love is a weekly series of the good “Love” and bad “Wine” for the week. Participating is simple. Post two lists – one with what’s making us w(h)ine and one all about the love. Add your link below!


* Busy at work (worked until late several nights in a row) and with many other things. I’d love a second to just relax. It’s the end of the year, so I’m catching up on all the things I need to have finished before 2013 comes around.

* Crab fishermen are on strike around here. That means low supply or more expensive crabs while they’re available. It puts a damper on Crabsgiving, but we’re still looking forward to having friends over.

Wine and Love - Holiday Ball


* Fancy holiday party was this past weekend, and fancy parties mean fancy dresses! This time, I rented from Rent the Runway. I basically look like a purple ornament, which I don’t mind since I love purple.

Wine and Love - Holiday Ball

* My backup dress was not available, and they took it upon themselves to send me a different backup. That was actually really nice of them, but the dress didn’t fit. Thankfully my first choice was a hit, and I was able to wear it to the ball. They sent me a second backup after I told them about the first backup, but it didn’t arrive until Monday morning. Guess who was sitting around the house in a ball gown on Monday night? See evidence below.

Wine and Love - Holiday BallWine and Love - Holiday Ball

* I have officially declared my annoyance with garage sales. I have, however, discovered a love for the Salvation Army and Goodwill. When looking for specific items, it’s so much easier going into one of those and walking to a particular section of the store. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Ryan and I went photo frame hunting and after a few hours thrifting, we went home with 10+ frames (spending only $20-$30). My frame wall will come to life over the holidays!

  • Linda

    good score on the frames! I have gone a little frame happy here too but I’ve been doing the sale at Michaels so not as big of a steal. Also LOVE your dress.

    • suki

      I checked Michaels at one point, but I wanted more varieties. For a frame wall, you need so many so I just went cheapie.

      • Ryan

        we still have to put up ours!

  • Kate @

    I think I would be too scared to order from Rent the Runway, but I LOVE these dresses on you!

    • suki

      thanks! renting from them is pretty nervewrecking b/c usually i would rent for an event, so if it doesn’t fit or doesn’t come in time, it really sucks. :/ plus sometimes i can find dresses that cost less than what it costs to rent these ones.

  • Gina

    Damn, lady. You look hot in those dresses! GET IT!

    • suki

      :-) thanks!

  • San

    You look stunning in purple. The end!

    • suki

      thanks! :D favorite color.

  • Treavor Wagoner

    You look really good!!

    • suki

      :-) Thanks!

  • Christa

    you look gorgeous! and what a fancy holiday party…nice!

    • suki

      :D thanks!

  • Cassie

    You look gorgeous! Maybe someday I’ll get to go to a ball? We aren’t classy enough to get invited to such events :) PS–Crabsgiving was amazing! We applaud your efforts!

    • suki

      thank you for coming to crabsgiving! :D you’re welcome to come and get all fancied up anytime! a few of the museums host these big parties every year to get all dressed up for. of course, they come with a hefty ticket price. :/ so it’s like… tickets+fancy dress=adds up

  • Sid

    Ha! I’m also doing a frame wall thing. Well in theory I am. So far I’ve only managed to print and frame 3 photos. Fail!

    • suki

      lol, i want to see photos of this wall when it’s complete! i’ll show my progress when we even begin… hasn’t happened yet. there are a pile of frames in the other room!

  • terra

    I love a good frame/gallery wall and have had to use considerable restraint in not declaring all walls my gallery walls….