Wine and Love #66

Wine and LoveWine and Love is a weekly series of the good “Love” and bad “Wine” for the week. Participating is simple. Post two lists – one with what’s making us w(h)ine and one all about the love. Add your link below!


* We have a rodent problem. The rain probably drove them into the house, and then we supplied them with food by keeping our emergency pet supplies within reach. Hopefully they’ll leave once we remove the food source.

Wine and Love - crab destruction unit* Our Crab Destruction Unit #1 has a hole in it. We promptly replaced it, but not after paying homage by not cooking any crabs on the second Crabsgiving. It was really the strike that kept us from preparing fresh crab, but it definitely made for a funny photo.

The note reads, “On this day, Crab Destruction Unit #1 has finally reached its own destruction. We will remember the 101 crabs to grace this steamy aluminum sauna. In honor of its service, it has been decreed that no crabs shall die in this house today.”

* 1,000 piece puzzles that are not terribly colorful. I’m working on a puzzle that’s mostly tan, beige, brown and then blue or white for sky and water pieces. Ugh.


* Crab fishermen are no longer on strike. It looks like our last Crabsgiving should be just fine!

* Holidays = holiday parties!

* Christmas music. There are stations of all Christmas music! I’ve been listening for such long periods of time that I’m getting multiple versions of the same song.

* Making a terrarium this weekend. SO EXCITED. I love succulents.

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  • Sid

    Crabsgiving??? Can you please explain this in a little more detail.
    Ha! Just moved into my new apartment. One of the first things I bought (BEFORE buying a fridge), was a succulent. They’re cute, little buggers and so difficult to kill. Win win.
    Love: It’s our end of year function today, so I get to leave early.
    Hate: My car is broken =( I really can’t afford the expense.

    • Dungeness crab season starts around November or December, which is between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we host a few parties with our friends where we just gorge on crabs, and we call it Crabsgiving. :-)

      Sorry to hear about your car. That sucks. :(

  • love all your loves!!

  • Eww rodents! I hope they kick themselves out soon! That’s a no fun problem to deal with.