Winter warms the belly!

The best part about beer-loving friends is beer-themed parties. Not just any beer, but good beer – in particular, winter beer!

Last week, Melanie hosted a Holiday Ale Tasting party where we sampled four seasonal beers. RV made a tasty Dungeness Crab Dip, while I brought my Peppermint Bark Chocolate Cookies. The four beers we sampled for the evening were:

21st Amendment – Fireside Chat (Winter Warmer/7.9% ABV)
Marin Brewing Co. – Hoppy Holidaze (Winter Warmer/7% ABV)
Nøgne Ø – Peculiar Yule (Spiced Beer, 6.5% ABV)
He’brew – Jewbelation Fourteen (American Strong Ale, 14% ABV)

Of the four, I most enjoyed Hoppy Holidaze because despite its name, it actually wasn’t hoppy at all. The taste was very smooth, and I could see myself ordering this beer in the future. The name would have scared me away normally, so I’m glad I had the opportunity to try it at the party.

The Peculiar Yule was peculiar indeed. It tasted like tea tree oil, and while I think it might be an acquired taste, I don’t think I will be acquiring it anytime soon.

The last of the four was sweet and chocolatey, but I could only try a little bit. It had a much higher alcohol content than the other three. PLUS, there were actually other beers for unofficial sampling.

Andrei had his Spiced Winter Saison and Scottish Ale on tap.

The Winter Saison was DELICIOUS with its vanilla flavors. It’s amazing just how many flavors beers can have. Like wine, beer can definitely be tasted!

It was a fun and casual evening with good company, drinks, and food. Thanks again for hosting, Melanie! All photos are from Andrei’s camera.

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  • I just bought some oatmeal stout that tasted heavenly! beer can really have depth and intricate flavors! Its kind of underrated!

    • Ooh, which one was it? I’m a fan of stouts! I just love how chocolatey and rich they can be. Definitely not for downing several beers, but more of a beer to just enjoy at a slow pace.