• http://profiles.google.com/sandybmedia Sandy Braz

    this place looks dangerous! i could spend some serious time in there  :P

    • http://superduperfantastic.com/ suki

      it’s just a stand, thankfully, so you have to order and find somewhere to eat. otherwise, i would be inside ordering everything. ;)

  • http://aimeeroo.com/ Aimee

    I love those good luck cats, they are so cute. It’s been so long since I have had anything deep fried on a stick. I’m getting a bit hungry thinking about it! :) Looks like a fun place!

  • http://www.squidopus.net neil

    Is that a trick of perspective, or is that corndog really as big as your head?

    • http://superduperfantastic.com/ suki

      It’s ALMOST as big as my head! I got a double play, which is two different sausages inside of the corn dog. :)

  • http://itsabbytime.com/ abby

    This place looks yummy but at the same time yummy! At the OC fair I didn’t get to try anything fried but the onions and well it would be nice to try stuff that I missed out on!

  • http://linda.curious-notions.net Linda

    So big, that corndog! I want!

    • http://superduperfantastic.com/ suki

      The best part is that there are two different types of sausage in that. You can get a double play or even a TRIPLE play, which is three different sausage types.

      • http://linda.curious-notions.net Linda

        Triple play of course.

  • http://terra-bear.com terra

    AMAZING. And also probably dangerous, bust mostly delicious.

  • http://www.anutinanutshell.com blueviolet

    OH wow! What amazing goodies they have there!