Wordless Wednesday – Dreaming of the Sun with Sasha

Fort Funston

Fort Funston

Fort Funston

Car Ride

Mt. Tamalpais

Mt. Tamalpais

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  • ewiley

    I am getting so, so excited for the summer!

  • <3 hi puppyniece, I miss you! 

  • Fun to see pictures of SF! I’m in NYC now but SF is where I grew up!

  • I just got my rain boots today! splish splosh. They are sitting on the bench outside my apt. Hope no one steals them!

    • And now that I know, *YOINK*! :P

  • sasha looks like she had the best day…. :o)

  • B.

    OMG! I love her little bag!

    • she carried her own water on the hike. thank goodness! :p

  • I love this creature. :]