Wordless Wednesday – Easter with the Dogs

Dogs - Easter

Dogs - Easter

Teddy - Easter Butters - Easter

Po - Easter

Paco - Easter

Sasha - Easter

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  • Yvonne

    Looks like the dogs had a great holiday!

  • Awww they are all so cute! I especially like the little brown one you are holding. 

    • My cousins’ new dog! It’s a Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian mix!

      • My favorite breeds! I want one like that. 

  • FINALLY! I’ve been to this post 3 times trying to comment.

    Bob wants to party with these guys. 

    • Oh, I’m glad you finally got through! I didn’t even get notifications on these comments. They want to party with Bob too! :P

  • Adorable! Looks like my definition of the best Easter ever.

    • Definitely at the top of my list of Easters well-spent. :) All other times I’m lamenting over all the stores closed for the holiday.

  • ewiley

    Quite the crew you had at Easter! Looks like fun.

  • Lolol sasha is so silly. I love her.

    • I HAD to take a photo of her crazy sleeping pose. It was too funny. :)


  • Puppies!! That’s the one bad thing about having two big dogs — I can’t be as social with them as I’d like.

    • Sasha isn’t the most social dog, but because we take her to doggie daycare now and again, she’s pretty good around other dogs. My parents’ little dog, on the other hand, thinks she’s human and pays no attention to any of the dogs around here. :P

  • Best photos ever!! Love that white fluff butt at the top – I want all the dogs!! 

    • It was a pretty fun day with all the dogs. A bit rowdy, but awesome. :)