Wordless Wednesday – My Father’s Kitchen

My Father's Kitchen - Menu

My Father's Kitchen - Vietnamese coffee

My Father's Kitchen - Imperial rolls

My Father's Kitchen - 5-spice chicken

My Father's Kitchen - chicken/beef pho

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  • Suburban Sweetheart

    I’ve never had Vietnamese food. But this makes me want to!

    • You should! Unless you don’t like cilantro or fish sauce. They are key ingredients. :) There are tons of places in your area. Look on Yelp! Some are four stars, so worth trying?

  • YUM. I love Vietnamese food! There are countless Vietnamese restaurants around here, especially Pho places. It’s the perfect food on a rainy day…and of course, we get a lot of those :-)

    • It’s my comfort food when it’s a little dreary/gray/foggy out. There’s nothing better than hot noodle soup!

  • Kevynmiyata

    Looks good! I pass this place all the time and wonder how good it is. I’ll have stop by next time I’m at Mt. Zion.

    • It’s northern Vietnamese, like Turtle Tower. The bun is $10+, which is higher than most other places. The food’s pretty good.

  • euge

    whoa. ok now i gotta try this place…. and i LOVE the wordless entry. good stuff! quirky fun and hey, it makes your job hella easier!

  • Wordless Wednesday is awesome!!

  • Love the photo of the menu, surprisingly. Great shot!

    • Silly Keane, menus aren’t edible! :P