Wordless Wednesday – Scenes from the Birthday Weekend

Pumpkin Patch Sasha at Fort Funston

Fort Funston

Oysters at Bistro Jeanty

French Laundry Garden

French Laundry Garden French Laundry Garden

Ad Hoc

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  • Looks like a great weekend! I could go for some slimy oysters now.

    • Slimy oysters are for anytime! :p

  • Drooling over those oysters! Great bunch of pics.

  • Susie Kline

    I love the shadow picture! That is one great big pumpkin you are holding! Nice photos!

    • I was inspired by the pumpkin’s shape. I have something in mind for the carving. :D

  • That is a massive pumpkin! Can’t wait to see pictures of it carved!

    • Sadly, we won’t have time to carve it until HALLOWEEN! :P

  • Ad-hoc? Did you have the fried chicken?!

    • No fried chicken because that’s only during the week! I don’t have time to drive up, except over a weekend. :)

      • Same here. It’s a shame I tell ya

        • We need Ad-Hoc fried chicken delivery. ;) The recipe is in the Ad Hoc cookbook though, isn’t it?

  • B.

    Your dog is adorable!

  • Yay pumpkins! And Sasha – she’s so cute!