Worse than Poisonous Meatballs

SashaJust before the Fourth of July weekend, Sasha suddenly wasn’t acting like her normal self. She was glum in demeanor and even refused one of her favorite treats. Hello, you’re saying no to bison strips? What’s wrong with you?! Thinking perhaps that she might have been the latest victim of poisonous meatballs, we took her to the vet immediately.

We explained how we had seen dead skunks in a local park in places where you wouldn’t expect to see a dead skunk (ie. on the road). Maybe we had turned away for just a second and she’d gotten a lick of a poisonous meatball? As it turned out, poisonous meatballs would be the least of our worries. In fact, all the tests done that day came back fine.

There was really only one other possibility, and the vet took the samples she needed for this other test. We wouldn’t hear back until the following week since it was a long holiday weekend. So what’s a worried pet parent to do? Look up all the symptoms online.

Sasha Sasha

Based on symptoms and observations, we suspected that it was canine lymphoma, a malignant cancer that involves the lymphoid system. It was the longest long weekend – her condition worsened, so we made another trip to the vet. It got better, but then something else seemed to bother her, so we went to the vet again. Thank goodness for Nor Cal Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Monday rolled around, and I kept an eye on the phone all day long. No word. Then Tuesday came, and at the end of the day, we got the call confirming our suspicions.

She’s now on medication. For the most part, her spirits seem back to normal. She has less energy overall, but she’s hungrier and smilier than ever. We are working on keeping her as healthy (minus chemo) for as long as we can, even if it’s for a short period of time.

We’ve changed many of our plans in July and August due to the circumstances. Our goal is to make her as comfortable and pampered as possible and to take her to all of her favorite places while she can enjoy them. That rule about no sitting on the couch? She now has her blanket on the couch in case she wants to go up there. This past weekend instead of going up to Portland for WDS, we spent a day in wine country and the rest of the weekend in other familiar places. We are sad, but we are doing what we can.

Sasha Sasha

Robyn Arouty recently documented Duke’s last day. He had been with the Roberts family for about three years when they had to make the difficult decision of letting him go.

Ryan and I adopted Sasha about three years ago, and in a short not-yet-determined amount of time, we will have to make the same decision to let her go.

Sasha Sasha

For now, she gets all-she-can-eat treats and as much couch time as she wants.

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