Yelp, Beer and Cheese in Half Moon Bay

Yelp Beer and Cheese at HMB Brewing Company

Over the past two weeks, Yelp has offered to all users a series of free classes, tours and “how to’s” with a variety of local businesses, and I was lucky enough to join in for the beer and cheese pairing at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company last Wednesday.

After a quick tour of the brewing facilities with asst. brewmaster, John, we started the pairing/tasting. Chef Gaston prepared hors d’oeuvre to pair with the first two beers. I’m not a fan of IPAs, but it’s amazing how cheese can change how it tastes completely.

Yelp Beer and Cheese at HMB Brewing Company

Mavericks Sandy Beach Blonde Hefeweizen – Harley Farms Chevre – Cucumber, Chevre, and house-smoked salmon on top of a toasted crostini with a light brushing of honey and Asiago. The sweet flavor of the beer is brought out even more with the tartness of the cheese.

Yelp Beer and Cheese at HMB Brewing Company

Mavericks Princeton-by-the-Sea IPA – Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk – Pistachio-encrusted served on a plain crostini and topped with grapes. The cheese is like a stinky [in a good way] brie, which seems to cancel out the bitterness of the beer.

Yelp Beer and Cheese at HMB Brewing Company

Mavericks Chai Stout – Dark Chocolate Truffles. Chocolate and stouts always go together!

Yelp Beer and Cheese at HMB Brewing Company

I loved the smell of the Chai Stout.

Even though Half Moon Bay is a quick trek from San Francisco, we didn’t want to leave with only cheese and beer in our stomachs, so we stayed for dinner.

Yelp Beer and Cheese at HMB Brewing Company

Fresh Seafood Sampler -Yucatan Ceviche and Ahi tuna poke, served with a housemade mango salsa, crispy fried won tons and tortilla chips. The ceviche was on the drier side, but the poke and fried won tons worked nicely together.

Yelp Beer and Cheese at HMB Brewing Company

Fish and Chips – Mavericks Amber Ale Batter, Cod and French fries. I really liked the fries! Perhaps they were fried twice? They were more crisp on the outside and doughy on the inside.

Anytime I’ve been in the Half Moon Bay area, I’ve not stopped to drink/eat since home is not so far away. I’ll think twice about that now. They’ve got a great $9 Growler deal on Mondays and other happy hour specials all week long. The beer is good, and there’s a dog-friendly patio too!

It is incredibly difficult writing about food when on the first day of a cleanse [will definitely update on that once I’m done] because I can hear my stomach grumbling as I look through the photos. I’m definitely craving tortilla chips and fries! I have been through much worse though [liquid diet for several months], and it’s only three days long, so I think I can power through it.

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  • San

    I’ve been to Half Moon bay recently and was told of the Brewing Company and it’s great food! Need to go there next time!

    • I was also recommended the Italian place down the road if I wanted something a little fancier. :) Definitely worth checking out though!

  • WOW!!! The food looks AMAZING!

  • Shannon

    HMB has some cute restaurants. We always go to Sushi Main Street for sushi. We drive there before we head into the city (from San Mateo). I love love love that they have veggie udon/soba broth. Such a rarity!

    • I’ve never been to Sushi Main Street. Will have to add that to my list of places to try when I’m down that way! 

  • ewiley

    All the food looks amazing! What a fun event.

    • Beer, cheese, and good company – can’t really go wrong with that! :)

  • The plating on the first two reminds me of confetti.

  • Did you try the Obama Ale? How was it? Refined yet lacking in punch? :P

    • Hahaha, I didn’t try it, but I’ll let you know when I do. It might be seasonal. ;) 

  • Wow! All that food looks delicious! 

  • It all looks amazing! Anything cheese and I’m there. 

    • If I put enough cheese posts on here, will it mean you’re visiting? :P

  • That sampler looks like something I can get knee deep in. Mmm.