Forage #2 : Braised Rabbit with Caramelized Persimmon, Potatoes and Chicories

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Forage - Braised Rabbit with Caramelized Persimmon, Potatoes and Chicories

As I mentioned in the last post, I recently signed up for Forage, a meal delivery service aimed at providing quality pre-prepared ingredients for 20-minute restaurant-quality meals.

For each delivery, you’re required to pick out four servings worth of meals, so this is the second meal of the first week.

Forage Forage
A recipe card with a pretty picture of the end product lays out all the instructions.

Forage - Ingredients
Ingredients labeled and pre-prepared

Forage - Fresca the PupJust like pho night, a meeting kept me out of the house until after 8pm. Once I got home, it was great not having to come up with a plan or figure out what to make with what was available or not available in the fridge.

Aside from a missing lemon this time, ingredients for the recipes are on the label and nicely packed.

This recipe was even less involved than the pho recipe. I only had to deal with the oven and one saute pan. I chopped a few things and let the oven and stove do the rest of the work!

Fresca helped by keeping an eye on the cutting board. You know, in case anything fell off and needed tending to.

Final result!

Forage - Braised Rabbit with Caramelized Persimmon, Potatoes and Chicories


The Good – It took about 25 minutes. I’m beginning to think that all of these 20 minute meals will take me a few minutes longer. It was tasty, and I’m glad I got to use ingredients that I might not have otherwise bought. I can now say I’ve cooked rabbit at home, even though it was technically cured and cooked elsewhere; I merely reheated it. It was easy, and it was good. So far, the portion sizes have been just right also!

The Bad – The cured rabbit was a little on the salty side. It was a good thing I missed the additional salt in the recipe because there was plenty to go with the rest of the meal. Also had I known ahead of time, I would have taken the shallot and garlic out of the bag and out of the fridge earlier. By keeping them in the fridge, they were much harder to peel.

Again, the good outweighs the bad. I really enjoyed the meal, and I’m guessing that we’ll be ordering from them in a few weeks when we’re too busy to think up dishes on our own.

About Forage – We Gather. You Cook.

Forage is a weekly subscription service that delivers fresh/pre-prepped ingredients that enable you to replicate restaurant recipes in 20 minutes or less. With Forage, you can stop wasting time figuring out what to make, searching for parking at the grocery store and throwing away food that goes bad before you get a chance to eat it.


Forage #1 : Pho with Chicken Two Ways

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Forage - Pho with Chicken Two Ways

I recently signed up for a meal delivery service called Forage. The premise of the service is to provide fresh ingredients and recipes to allow you to prepare quality meals in 20 minutes or less, just like restaurant chefs do. Some of the recipes come directly from those chefs, so you might even be able to recreate a restaurant experience at home!

Forage Forage
Forage deliveries arrive in an insulated tote packed with dry ice to keep your meals cool.

Deliveries have an order minimum of four servings, so for our first delivery, we picked two servings of each of the following:

Pho with Chicken Two Ways
Braised Rabbit with Caramelized Persimmon, Potatoes, & Chicories

We decided to give the pho a try first. A meeting kept me out of the house until after 8pm, so the sooner we could get a meal on the table, the better. I’m not fun when I’m hangry. It was really great not having to think about what we were going to make and how we were going to gather our ingredients. After all, Forage‘s tagline is “We gather. You cook.”

Forage - Ingredients

To maintain freshness, most everything is vacuum-sealed and wrapped in reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging.

The instructions were fairly straightforward. All we had to do was chop a few things, boil a few others, and get the chicken in the oven after crisping up the skin on the stove. It was a little crowded on the stove, but we made it work!

Forage Forage

Our kitchen helper was eager to “help.” Unfortunately for her, we were pretty neat about it.

Forage - Fresca the Pup

Final result!


I’d say it was a success. The reason we picked this particular dish is because I love pho. It has never seemed like a terribly daunting dish to make, but we never would because it’s relatively inexpensive to go out to a Vietnamese restaurant.

The Good – It took us about 25 minutes, which wasn’t too bad. I’m so used to recipes telling me that it will take half an hour and then it’s actually an hour or more. The soup was tasty, and I really loved the cellophane noodles. They cooked so quickly that I might consider stocking some in our pantry for quick meals.

The Bad – I was not particularly fond of the meats with this meal. The textures were a little odd, but Ryan liked them just fine.

The good definitely outweighed the bad, and I’m looking forward to cooking more meals from Forage!

About Forage – We Gather. You Cook.

Forage is a weekly subscription service that delivers fresh/pre-prepped ingredients that enable you to replicate restaurant recipes in 20 minutes or less. With Forage, you can stop wasting time figuring out what to make, searching for parking at the grocery store and throwing away food that goes bad before you get a chance to eat it.


See New Mexico : Petroglyph National Monument


With thirteen national parks under its belt, New Mexico has some of most beautiful and unique sights in the country. Since we’re the National Parks Passport stamp collecting types, we had our work cut out ahead of us. We knew we weren’t going to hit them all, but we would try to see as much as we could. The first national park we visited was Petroglyph National Monument, conveniently located on the west side of Albuquerque.

Petroglyph National Monument is a day use area with several hiking trails available for viewing the natural scenery and the pre-historic graffiti (aka the petroglyphs). After a quick stop at the visitor center to get our passport stamped, we decided to check out Boca Negra Canyon, one of the more developed parts of the national monument. Unfortunately, it was busy from all the tourists in town for the Balloon Fiesta. The parking lot was jam-packed, so we moved on.

We decided to head over to the northernmost part of Petroglyph National Monument – Piedras Marcadas Canyon – instead. It seemed to be the right choice because it was relatively quiet when we got there. From what we learned at the visitor center, the small canyon has the largest concentration of petroglyphs of any of the trails. Definitely a good spot if you want to see a bunch!

Piedras Marcadas Canyon at Petroglyph National Monument

Piedras Marcadas Canyon – not particularly scenic, but plenty of petroglyphs spotted!



While the trail is only 1.5 miles roundtrip, we spent quite a bit of time looking at the petroglyphs. Even in October, it was quite warm. If you’re making a trip to see the petroglyphs, I’d highly recommend bringing a hat, sunscreen and water. It’s all out in the open!

Petroglyph National Monument
Even spotted a roadrunner!

Petroglyph National Monument

Visit Petroglyph National Monument

Petroglyph National Monument Visitor Center
6001 Unser Blvd.
Albuquerque, NM
More info: website


Currently – v.01 {2015}

Being Suki

Loving the quality time spent with friends and family so far. With all the holiday festivities, we were out of the house quite a bit. These past few weekends, Ryan and I have consistently taken Fresca out to fun places to explore and play with her friends.

Fresca with her pal, Guinness, making a mess in the sand

Loathing how much money I ended up spending towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year. In an effort to spend less, we have been cooking at home more. At the beginning of the weekend, I made lasagna. It ended up being pretty tasty, even if it looked a bit disheveled!

Watching very little on television these days, but reading a lot instead. I set my Goodreads goal to 26 books for this year, and I’m already at 42% of my goal. Nobody ever defined what books I had to read in order to reach this goal, so there have been quite a few young adult fantasy series I’ve been going through.

Feeling pretty content with how this year has started off and definitely cannot believe that we’re more than halfway through the first month of the year.

Planning on making the most of 2015! One of my main goals is to do all the fun things without stretching myself too thin. In the past few years, it’s been pretty easy to fill up the calendar with everything under the sun. Getting over my FOMO is the theme of the year. Quality over quantity!

Working on ridding the house of clutter and into the shape we’d like it to be in. Slowly and surely, we’re reorganizing the house. Ryan spent a weekend removing all the weeds (there were SO MANY) in the backyard. He put in a patch of fake grass and gravel, and Fresca has taken to it quickly. YAY! It’s just one project of many on our list.

Wishing and hoping for the blog inspiration to continue. I re-implemented my editorial calendar and have a few posts planned for the rest of the month.

Looking forward to The Brewing Network’s Winter Brews Fest this Saturday!

What are you currently up to?


See New Mexico : Wildlife West Nature Park


On a wet and chilly morning, Ryan and I made a visit to Wildlife West Nature Park, located in Edgewood, New Mexico, about 50 miles east of Albuquerque. We happened to be staying with a friend nearby, so it was our first stop of the day.

Upon paying the entrance fees at the gift shop, we were handed a map with descriptions of the animals on the back and sent on our way. Each exhibit is marked by a number, which you can follow through the park. While the park sits on 122 acres of land, the wildlife exhibits can be seen along 2 miles of trails. There aren’t a whole lot of exhibits, but you can get quite close to the animals that are there.

Animals at Wildlife West Nature Park

All of the animals and birds of Wildlife West Nature Park are native to either New Mexico or the Southwest. All have been rescued in some capacity. The animals are unable to survive in the wild on their own, and therefore, are non-releasable. Placards throughout the park provide a description of each species, as well as a blurb with information about the animals. I borrowed some of that information for the captions below.

Wildlife West Nature Park Wildlife West Nature Park
Morley the Golden Eagle (blind in one eye), Ernie the Great Horned Owl (he’s missing a wing), Dia the Red-tailed Hawk (muscle damage from wing injury)

Wildlife West Nature Park
Crested Caracara

Wildlife West Nature Park
Spirit the Bobcat reminding us that bobcats are just big cats

Wildlife West Nature Park
Elk getting up close, but not too close

Carrie-oke the Coyote giving us her howling pose and one of several Mexican Wolves at the park


Wildlife West Nature Park - Gray Fox
Gray Fox sleeping

Wildlife West Nature Park - Wile E. Coyote
Wile E. Coyote – Look at those paw pads!

Given that it was a weekday morning, we were one of a few groups of people in the park that morning. We enjoyed taking in the experience at our own pace and spending time at each exhibit learning about the animals.

Visit Wildlife West Nature Park

Wildlife West Nature Park
87 North Frontage Road
Edgewood, NM
More info: