A Perfect San Francisco Weekend in March – San Francisco Opera Costume Shop Sale and Bouquets to Art at the de Young

All seems quiet over here except for the monthly recap of my daily photos, but despite how hard I try, 2014 has not been any less busy than 2013. This weekend in particular, though not entirely planned out to the tee, was delightfully beautiful and full of activity. It was what I would call a Perfect San Francisco Weekend!

Perfect San Francisco Weekend – Saturday

Ryan and I headed over to the San Francisco Opera‘s Costume Shop Sale. It only happens once in a blue moon, so it’s a big deal. Since neither of us had experience with this epic sale, we arrived at 10:45 (rookie mistake – some people wait as early as the night before). Four hours later, we made it into the warehouse where our senses were bombarded by the sheer number of pieces. We were definitely overwhelmed by the wait, the crowd, and the quantity of clothing to sift through, but it was worth it. We hobbled out of there with a dress I can probably wear to the Dickens Fair, two other black dresses, a coat and several vests for Ryan – all under $100.

perfect San Francisco weekendWith Daylight Savings in full effect, the sun was still shining brightly when we were finished up at the sale. With some tasty ice cream (Mango Chile Lime and Lychee Black Tea) from Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous in our bellies, we took Sasha to Fort Funston. It’s safe to say that she enjoyed herself. Her tongue was hanging out of her goofy face by the time we trekked back to our neighborhood. Back on our side of the city, we found ourselves in a dog-friendly neighborhood bar that served both craft beers and fancy cocktails. A few drinks plus sushi for dinner wrapped up our perfect Saturday in the city.

Perfect San Francisco Weekend – Sunday

I’ve been taking on receptionist shifts at a local Pilates/Yoga studio a few Sundays a month, and this was one such morning. The Yoga instructor was a sub and brand new to the studio, so I showed her some of the ropes since I had her beat in experience at the studio by one or two visits. We got to chatting after her class, and she suggested checking out the last day of the Bouquets to Art exhibit at the de Young. Since Ryan and I are members of the museum, I jumped at the idea. We grabbed brunch before heading over to Golden Gate Park.

Every spring for the last thirty years, floral designers have interpreted the works in the museum’s permanent collection and created arrangements based on those interpretations. It was my first time in attendance and probably won’t be my last, so I’m glad I caught the very last day for 2014! Photos were allowed, so of course, I went overboard.

Perfect San Francisco Weekend - Bouquets to Art Perfect San Francisco Weekend - Bouquets to Art Perfect San Francisco Weekend - Bouquets to Art

Perfect San Francisco Weekend - Bouquets to Art Perfect San Francisco Weekend - Bouquets to Art Perfect San Francisco Weekend - Bouquets to Art

Perfect San Francisco Weekend - Bouquets to Art Perfect San Francisco Weekend - Bouquets to Art Perfect San Francisco Weekend - Bouquets to Art

Perfect San Francisco Weekend - Bouquets to Art Perfect San Francisco Weekend - Bouquets to Art Perfect San Francisco Weekend - Bouquets to Art

After several hours at the de Young soaking in the Georgia O’keeffe exhibit, Bouquets to Art, and the view of the city up in the tower, I parted ways with my new friend. Several hours is plenty at a museum for me, and it was time for dinner with the family. I’m not particularly excelling at the 2014 resolution to spend more time with family, so I’ll have to work more on that. Delicious food and family time wrapped up the perfect weekend in the city!

How was your weekend?

2013 in Review (aka my Eff Yeah List)

As part of Nicole’s 4-Step Life Purge, I documented what I’d been up to for the past 12 months. The focus wasn’t on what could have been done better, but it was an Eff Yeah List, one full of accomplishments and experiences that I could be proud of for the year. Thought it’d be fun to share some of it since it more or less summarizes the year.

January: Catching up with friends over desserts and crafts. Lady Gaga concert!

February: Grabbing sour beers with friends during Beer Week in SF. Lots of volunteering and joining a dodgeball team for a very brief period.

March: Interviews. Preparing for a large fundraiser in April pretty much consumed my life.

April: Sonoma press trip with a wine tour the same weekend. The large fundraiser went off without too much of a hitch after lots of planning and soliciting of donations. Ate at State Bird Provisions after making reservations way in advance. Started driving for SideCar to make a couple extra bucks ~ pretty much stopped for a while now. Lots of volunteering!

May: Interviews. Volunteered here, there and everywhere. Sacramento blogger brunch! We leave for our Copenhagen trip.

June: Wrapping up the trip to Copenhagen. Floating down a river and having to be rescued by a stranger because our tube broke. Finishing up the year as Treasurer/Secretary of a local organization!

July: A beekeeping class in San Francisco. Attending WDS for the second year in Portland. Alt Design Summit’s smaller version in San Francisco.

August: Interviews. Getting a new couch. San Diego trip! Painting with the sister.

September: IFBC in Seattle. Weddings in Sonoma/Napa and Chicago, so we got to take weekend trips. New year as Charity Director of the local organization began.

October: An incredible birthday at Lummi Island. That sorta trumps everything else that happened in the month of October.

November: Lots of gym time with semi-private personal training sessions at Advanced Wellness. Focused a great deal on health and what I needed to do to become more fit/healthy. Daily breakfasts = BIG DEAL. And a Vegas trip with Ryan’s coworkers.

December: Crabsgiving festivities, which usually involves lots of food (mostly crabby dishes, but also whatever else people bring) and friends! Getting organized for the new year.

Overall, a lot was accomplished in the year, and I had a lot of fun doing it. There’s definitely lots I’d like to work on in 2014.