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Love for yet another machine…

Yesterday, I was on a mission. I’m not really sure how it came to be, but I couldn’t sleep most of Friday morning. In my somewhat delirious state, I declared that I would not be satisfied until I had a Dyson in my home.

Dyson Vacuum

After a little bit of research, I was determined to bring home a Dyson DC25 Animal. While not the latest Dyson model [the DC41 is], it was what I thought would solve my “everyone in this house sheds” issue [AND IT DOES]!

For Black Friday, the Dyson DC25 Animal was on sale at Costco.com. I could have placed the order online, but instead, I went on a physical hunt for one. I wanted to bring one home and use it right away! Sometimes instant gratification really does trump all.

Long story short, we ran around the Bay Area in search of the vacuum, took a dim sum break and ended up successful. Bellies were full of dim sum, and there was a Dyson DC25 Animal sitting in the trunk. It was quite the investment, considering money is rather tight these days, but how much it improves the quality of life makes it worth eating cheaply and cutting spending in other areas. I’m also justifying it by comparing the amount I paid to the price of the newer DC41. MUCH cheaper.

It’s one powerful machine, picking up dust, dirt, fur, and hair! I LOVE IT.

Best of all, it’s purple.

Mellow Weekend

Chinese New Year is a few weeks away. In preparation, we dedicated our Sunday to cleaning and organizing the house. If you walked into the house today, you wouldn’t even believe this. The place is STILL a mess! It is, however, an improvement from last week!

I also spent the weekend tackling handmade gifts, but I didn’t get very far. My knitting and crocheting skills are minimal and need a lot of practice. I do love that if you mess up, you can just unravel the yarn and start over. It was really frustrating, however, to start over 20+ times though.

Thankfully I have an entire year to get these five gifts out.

“Eating in” continued over the weekend in the form of family dinners. We were at RV’s mom’s house on Saturday so that he could help her pack up for the big move. Sunday, we went over to my uncle’s house for an early tuen neen fan. It is supposed to take place the eve of New Year’s, but we have another one of these dinners to attend then.

I can’t remember every dish consumed over the weekend, so I’m just going to skip that portion of the recap! Eating in hasn’t been particularly difficult for us, but it does make us more aware of meal planning. PLUS, we’re saving money in one area of our lives to spend on another!